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December 09, 2019
Are Online Lotteries and Sweepstakes a Scam?Well, it depends. A scam is a fraudulent attemp to gain a monetary advantage over an unsuspecting victim. It can also be an attempt to gather information to be used in a later scheme through trickery or deception. So, for example, take a website like PrizeGrab - is it a scam? PrizeGrab is an online sweepstakes that requires a name and email address to register to play, and also places cookies to monitor a users browsing habits. Prizegrab then sel
December 01, 2019
IRS Refund Schedule 2020Tax refunds can be a big deal - especially when you are digging out of holiday debt. Many people forget that a tax refund can be a source of needed cash. If you have a refund coming, don't wait until the tax filing deadline to file. Why wait until April? File as early as possible to get that quick boost of cash. But, how early can you file?The IRS has not officially announced exactly when it will start processing tax returns from 2019. But, you can expect them to be
Premium Membership is a bargain in my opinion especially when one considers the additional training that is available. What is sometimes overlooked is that as a WA Affiliate, one's commissions essentially DOUBLE. That's right - you receive TWICE the commission on a referral as you would if you stayed with a free membership.I have referrals signing up from all over the world. Often, the first reaction from someone in southeast Asia is - "Wow! $49 US Dollars a month - how can I afford that"?My