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Last Update: December 02, 2010

What I'm Picking Up Around WA 

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  1. There is no IM Santa. If I put my web ideas under my pillow, they will not turn into a full-blown website overnight.
  2. Key to success is writing a plan, and working a plan
  3. A "must" is to go through the Action Plan to learn key skills
  4. Track progress, and build a system of accountability to myself and for myself
  5. Talk with others and ask questions. Share knowledge and ideas.


So far,l since I joined November 8th:

  1. I have casually browsed many of the resources.
  2. I've identified some goals and put them on my calendar.
  3. Am working through the Action Plan.
  4. Have started a website, and will farm out some of the more technical work. I do love WordPress! It's called, and it's under construction now, but live.
  5. Wrote an Ezine article on funding in the nonprofit sector, which was accepted yesterday. That links to my current website
  6. Researched keywords, affiliate possibilities and traffic generation.


My goals are to finish the website and have it live by the middle of December, with directory links, affiliate links and a traffic generation system.

I'll update in a holiday post.

Hope you all are having a great month. Please feel free to comment on this blog, add your own experience and expertise.






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Sulina Premium
Hey! this is really encouraging! Just seen your success post posted 19th Dec and then seen this one - totally agree about writing a plan and working a plan! I am working through action plan atm and it's very encouraging to see you do the same and get results!

I've not had much success with IM yet but I think what you're doing is great - and I think it's good to really learn the skills and set the foundation right so you can build your foundation on those smaller successes - good luck! It seems you are on your way to big things! well done :-)
Wayne Hudler Premium
You are so right to create a plan. Once you have a plan then all that is left is execution.

That is how we stay focused and on track.
Labman Premium
Sounds like you are making some good progress. Congratulations.
Try to stick to your plan but don't get discouraged if the schedule slips a bit. It happens in business all time. Use to make me crazy when part of a big project got behind and everything else had to get re-scheduled cause something was behind.
Konquer Premium
That's great news! Slow and steady wins the race!