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I'm Kong, I am 25 years old and living in Florida at the moment. I am a car enthusiast, am currently employed as a BMW technician (but drive a Toyota Tacoma because it's a smarter choice) but hopefully that's going to change as I progress with WA. Texas hold'em poker, reading, and daydreaming are some of my favorite inactivities. I am a practitioner of meditation in hopes to be enlightened one day. I am grateful to be where I am today in life and grateful for all the experiences I've been through and all the friends I've made. I am open-minded to the best of my ability and enjoy connecting with people. I strongly believe that if you want it bad enough, you will get it. -Konquer
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bodovan Premium
Hi !
Welcome on board!!!
Glad to see more and more buddies here...:)
If you need help in any way - let me know... Hopefully I'll be able to assist you with something...
You also are welcome to share any useful information if you want...
Talk to you soon...
Take care,
Konquer Premium
Thanks for the warm welcome! I'll definitely be bothering you with questions. Lol, take care and thanks again! -Konquer
webkab Premium
Welcome to WA. There's plenty of information here at WA. Don't let it overwhelm you. Focus on the Training and go to potpiegirls blog. There you will find videos that will help you get stated. Best Wishes To You.
cduane82 Premium
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
Ezinewriter Premium
Yes, let's get out of that job ASAP! Welcome!