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February 06, 2011
 I want to thank people who have shared their expertise. Am going to do IM in a different way. So long for now.   Anne, "Hazie"    
Oh, boy. There is so much to this affiliate internet marketing business. It is straightforward, and none of the pieces come as easily as one would like. I appreciated what Labman said about writing.  It really is about writing: Text in the websites Follow-up messages and web forms Articles, and more articles It's also about planning and analysis: Niche and keywords; The map for the work -- I need to see where everything is headed, and what comes next; Planning the products and offers; P
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Have three sites up, with some heavy traffic. My WA blogspot has has some. WA funnel-blog, after having link problems earlier, has been up, and has received about 1,000 visitors this week. That's great, right? In part. What's strange is that my "Tips and Tools" page has 20 times the visitors of WA Review and Mad Marketing just isn't really getting traction. There are about 20 clicks on the WA dashboard. I have had four people sign up to receive "Mad Marketing" and the follow
It's been enough to make my head spin - the last few months.  I've been working on IM, and the tools, resources, articles, websites -- and making slow progress. My IM site ( is now rated good to very good in the optimizer search engines, but not showing a Google Page Rank yet. Have written about a half dozen articles in the last month and "Why My Internet Marketing Was Too Much Like My Early Skiing," is the one that has the most views (17) has
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December 29, 2010
I'm up in Wyoming with my brother for about two weeks, and am doing a little web development and holiday homework.  Over the last few weeks, I have developed a framework for IM marketing training and development - from initial overview to traffic. I understand the framework. Putting the pieces together is a different story. Each piece seems to take longer than expected, and each one seems to have its own special challenges and glitches. I have a guy helping me with some of the really techni
December 21, 2010
Early this morning, my kitty (aka "Baby Doll") went running from room to room, meowing with a particularly insistent call. I have learned over the past month or two that when she has heard or seen the wild horses she goes a little berserk. My house is part of a horse preserve in Placitas, NM.  So, I ran around the house following her. And, sure enough, there were three beautiful white horses in the back yard.  One rolling in the dirt!   They are magnificent, and I feel s
December 19, 2010
Tools and Strategies I'm Using I worked on a few websites over the past few weeks, and finally have three that I'm using as an affiliate marketer for Wealthy Affiliate. I have another I am working on for health and wellness. I used a google.blogspot for two of them. The good thing about the blogspots is they are very quick. I'm not sure how well the keywords and traffic I've set up will work. I am going to track it. I've used to handle the more technical aspects of website, like SEO o
They are flying around, in a colorful three-ring circus in my computer. The guys on the high wire are calling out for me to "build SEO links now that can bring in 4,678 people a day."  and "sign up now, before we're back down in the ring and all of the spaces are gone." Then, the men and women on the beautiful high flying trapeze yell out "... boost your traffic...", "... build your traffic...,"  "... get our system to bring in 22,578 people
December 02, 2010
What I'm Picking Up Around WA  Please Add to This   There is no IM Santa. If I put my web ideas under my pillow, they will not turn into a full-blown website overnight. Key to success is writing a plan, and working a plan A "must" is to go through the Action Plan to learn key skills Track progress, and build a system of accountability to myself and for myself Talk with others and ask questions. Share knowledge and ideas.   So far,l since I joined November 8th: I have