One Step at a Time Does Amazing Things! In the Past 3 Days.

Last Update: May 24, 2021

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Within the last 3 days something awesome happened!

1) I actually started WORKING at this. Yep. Researching, asking for help (and getting it, thank you!!), and taking action instead of just thinking about it.

2) I'm taking my website page by page, (thank goodness it's still small) and rewriting some things here and there, and changing pictures, etc. With a bit of help from my son, I even learned to add a scrolling sidebar. (it eliminates the white space if you have a sidebar.) It's actually pretty neat. It did take me some time to get it right, but I sat here for over an hour and DID IT! The feeling after I was done, and it actually working was amazing.

3) DOING IT. It is such an awesome feeling to see something coming together. Something I've been wanting to do for so long.

It's going to take time, I know this. It's going to take blood, sweat and tears. I know that as well. It's going to take some serious self-discipline, which is something that I've been working on.

Some things that I've learned here over the years that I've never quite understood, and thought they were silly:

Take time for yourself. YOU have to come first. After reading many different posts, and paying attention to the live chat (yes, I'm a bit of a creeper here and there) I learned that the most successful people take time for themselves. Meditation, walking, relaxing. One of the best things that I've started is doing daily affirmations. They seemed silly to me, talking to yourself... BUT when your mind takes that turn, things really do start to change! I've only been doing it for a few weeks, but I'm changing. My MIND is changing.

I CAN do this!

I AM worthy of a great life.

*Everything I need to succeed is already within me*.. this is one of my favorites.

Yes, talk to yourself. Stop doubting yourself. It's been said time and time again that you are what your mind thinks. I think it's human nature to doubt ourselves and to self-sabotage sometimes, but when you stop doing that (it does take time, I still catch myself doing it). But if you 'retrain your brain', do a little bit at a time, it really does work. My friends and family actually noticed a difference in me, but they don't quite know what it is. I do. It's confidence. It's strength. It's knowing that I AM good enough. I AM smart enough. I AM strong enough. I DO have what it takes to succeed.

You don't have to go anywhere and do yoga (unless you want to), you don't have to do anything but tell yourself these things. Soon you will notice that when the negative thoughts creep in, you will recognize them. Your brain will notice, and stop it. It will change those negative thoughts into positive ones, and you really will feel a difference.

Challenge yourself. Do it for a month. Then come back here and tell me you don't see a change. I'll bet you that you won't be able to tell me that. Like I said, I thought it was weird. But now I see that it really does work, and it is truly amazing.

I've been battling mental illness most of my life. This includes somehow telling myself that there is no way that I can do this, I'm not strong enough, etc. That has turned around. I am starting to feel better about myself, and it is an awesome feeling.

Sitting down and doing things on my site, researching how to make things better for my visitors, etc. Experimenting with different pictures and affiliate programs. Experimenting with colors and fonts and everything like that.

I even learned how to put a space between bullet points yesterday. It may seem silly, but it took me two hours to do. I searched and searched, but my theme wouldn't allow me to change anything. So I looked at other sites that had bullet points and I looked at the source code (I think that's what it's called.) I dug though until I found what I needed, I put that in my own coding, and I DID IT!! Can you tell I'm happy about that? lol I knew what I wanted to do, and I didn't stop until I found out how to do it. Mind you, it took a bit more coffee and ordered pizza for dinner, but I didn't let other things stop me.

I think that's they key to all of this. Our brains make excuses for us, and we don't even realize it. Once you do, you will see a huge difference.

Oh. By the way... What you put in your blog here at WA really does come up in search engines. I've come across a few of them while I was trying to figure a few different things out.

You just never know what will happen. I've put a lot of time into this years ago and I kept quitting. BUT I've also kept coming back. The ONLY time something really changed is now. My brain quit telling me that it's too hard and that I'll never make it work. It is now telling me that YES, I can do this, it's just going to take some time.

Step by Step. Little by little. Even if you only learn something new every few days, or even weeks. it makes you feel better. You will find that you want to do more, and you WILL do it.

You can think I'm crazy, or even silly, to sit and talk to myself. My husband thinks I'm nuts. I say I'm going to my 'happy place', which is usually in the woods, but I do the same even in my garage. While I don't get fresh air in there, I DO come out feeling relaxed and confident, and find myself wanting to get to work. It's funny how little things like that make a HUGE impact.

Sorry for such a long blog. But if it helps just one person, then it was well worth it. You were led to WA for a reason. Make it happen. You have many newbies here, and you have many successful people here. Ask questions and read blogs. Kyle and Carson are always happy to help, as well as many other people here. I have yet to ask for much help, but I throw a question in here and there, and it is helping.

One Step at a Time. DO IT. Do it for yourself, not anyone else. Stop trying to prove anything to people. It doesn't matter what they think. What matters is what YOU think. Like I said, you've made it into WA, and there's a reason for that. There really is. Just keep reminding yourself that you already have in you what it takes to succeed. Maybe you just haven't lallowed yourself to realize that yet.

I hope you have an awesome day, and beyond! :)


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This is terrific. Thanks for the inspiration.
This should help especially the newbies.

We see that you have completed Level 3 of the OEC. Great progress.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you! I've dabbled into a few of the other parts of the OEC, just haven't completed them. It got 'too hard'. But now that I know how to change the thinking process, I will definitely finish. In time, I will start the bootcamp, but for right now I am sticking to my site - the one I've dreamed of building for years. I am going to change my theme today, as I figured out that I honestly don't like the one that I have.
I would have to keep going in and change the coding, and that is silly when I can get another theme that will allow me to change colors and fonts. See, it's little things like that that have stopped me. Just frustration and thinking that I couldn't do it. But now I know. It's only uphill from here!

Wonderful post, Haze!

You've GOT this, my friend!


Thank you, Jeff! I honestly think that this time I really do.. note: change that to I KNOW that I've got this :) And so do you! :)

You Do! I KNOW you and I both do, Haze! Have an enjoyable new week!


Haze, you're awesome. You reflected and now you're taking action.
Well done!
You're growing
This is my takeaway:
"I AM good enough. I AM smart enough. I AM strong enough. I DO have what it takes to succeed."

Keep going!

Thank you, Simone. You are one of the people that have inspired me to stay, with your posts. They really do make a difference. Thank you! :)

Aww.. Haze
Your comment made my day
Thank you

I know you will do it
I'm.looking forward to hearing and reading about your success
Bring it on ;)

Hello Haze, good to see still here. Very nice and true post here. I'm glad things are starting to work for you!

Hi, Joe. I haven't left, just 'creeping' on live chat though. I may jump in here and there again, though. And thank you. :)

So glad to hear :)

Awesome inspirational blog post.

Thank you.

Thank you! :)

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