pain relief from an unlikely source

Last Update: October 22, 2013

Product review for a pain relieving gel and you wouldn't believe what it was meant for

Any suggestions on if I need to add or change anything?

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@RICH. Premium
Hey Harvey. I'd also recommend adding this to as Members there are actively looking to give and receive help and advice on their sites. :) Rich.
harvman0 Premium
Thanks as always, Rich!
BIS Premium
Had a look at your review. I think you need to add more information because as it stands I wouldn't describe it as a 'review'. Apart from the fact that it is a thin minty liquid and looks like it's for horses I have learned nothing about it - Like how often it's used. , how long did the pain relief last? Where did you use it - on the whole of your back, back only? Are there any disadvantages to it? Who is it recommended for?

I know you have said read the Amazon reviews but you need to give people more information yourself or you will find that people won't bother to click your links.

Also I would adjust the alignment of your text to left

Hope this helps. You've clearly done a lot of work on your site.

harvman0 Premium
Thanks Beverly, it always helps to get the point of view from the visitors side
harvman0 Premium
Thanks, Beverly made the changes you suggested, but the interesting thing is that I pinned it to my Pinterest board and it has already been re-pinned 23 times and got 2 likes. So, it is getting out there somehow and hopefully people will come to my site to purchase it even if they weren't affected by stroke. A lot of them are fitness boards doing the repining.