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I have a message board on my site It has over 130 registered members. The problem is, nobody is posting anything. As soon as each new member joins, I send a welcome email with a link to the introduce yourself page. I'm the only one posting and I see people have looked, but there is no interaction. I'm just wondering if the whole site needs some major changes or is it just the structure of the message board itself?
Is it normal practice for affiliate programs to contact you through your website or is this a form of spam? I just received this.... sorry if it's long Hello, I’m Alisha Brandom from I was reviewing your wonderful site and thought thatyou would be a perfect fit for our affiliate program. I invite you to join our affiliate program and start earning generous commissions today. Our online store specializes in the sale of drug testing equipment and rela
Product review for a pain relieving gel and you wouldn't believe what it was meant for Any suggestions on if I need to add or change anything?
October 18, 2013
After being a member of WA for a couple months, I'm still here plugging away. I remember one discussion about your WA goals and how much time you were willing to put in to achieve those goals. Many people had some pretty lofty goals coming in. My goals were modest and I'm achieving them so far, but I'm putting in much more time, but it's because I want to and I enjoy it. My goals were to learn how to build a website, then have it pay for itself, then reevaluate to see where it could go from t
October 08, 2013
I've been busy with SEO and keywords, but I just don't get it. I'm concentrating on my main site but I can't seem to get higher than the 5th page of Google when I try the keywords. My secondary site which I hardly spend time with shows up on first page at times. I even had one of my blogs from WA show up on a first page.When I search images for my keywords, photos from my posts show up . I assume this can be a good thing because
I heard something on a celebrity podcasts today that got me thinking. I'm not trying to create widespread panic within WA. I just wonder if other people thought about it and if they have any possible solutions. The thing I heard was a complaint that this celebrity wasnt updating his site enough. He said, if people want the latest news, check out his twitter account since less and less people visit websites. Hmmmm, in this world of instant gratification, add to,that the speed in which techn
September 18, 2013
I just made my one month anniversary as a Wealthy Affiliate premium member, and I was just notified of my first commissions. It may not be a million dollars, but it could be my first few towards that magical number. I will proudly frame that first email notification as a tribute to my first money made as a private business owner. For those of you who wonder if this thing works, it does, in baby steps. One step at a time!
September 14, 2013
I HAD MY FIRST POSTING ON MY FORUM TODAY!!! But, at What cost? I've been struggling with this the last few days as traffic starts to trickle in on my website, . As you can see, my niche and website deal with surviving and coping with suffering a stroke, having suffered one myself. Sometimes, I feel like one of those hospital chasing lawyers who drum up business by following the unfortunate person who has suffered a personal tragedy. I've looked at that first post
I'm far from being a successful afilliate or knowledgeable about this business, but I was just thinking that the people who are maintaining their sites and pulling in huge money, don't really have time to hang on the boards and chats. I just had my first comments come through on one of my sites. Just going through your sites email, and responding to and approving comments, can be time consuming. Maintaining a site with hundreds, if not thousands of visitors, must leave one with so little tim
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September 09, 2013
Although I don't really know what I'm doing and just playing around with it, Pinterest seems to have lot of potential for increasing traffic to my site. I've noticed more clicks coming from there than any other social media, and it could also add content and content ideas. I just have to figure out how I can integrate it better to my site.
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