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Last Update: February 28, 2014

I wanted to take just a moment to tell everyone the good they may be able to get from essential oils. Victoria Rizer with Joyful Essential Oils turned out to be a wonderful WA friend. I was having so much pain from my hip and other arthritis areas, that she suggested essential oils. I had used them in the past, so we started researching. We were able to find the ones I needed.

I am glad to report that on most days the pain stays under control. And, although the doctor said I only had 10% movement in my hip, I can some days walk without limping or using a cane. Other problems I had have also greatly improved.

I know there are other people with WA who do essitenial oils websites. So if you are having problems, you might do some research. Figure out which ones might work for you. Give them a try. You have nothing to lose but pain and other illnesses.

Still waiting to have surgery.


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macey321 Premium
Wonderful Betty. I can relate. Pain 24/7. I live with it. But I am glad you have foun some relief,..........Frank
SowAndReap Premium
Hey Betty, i'm glad the essential oils are helping you. Thanks for the info.
DNTL Premium
Hi Betty, I'm glad you found a little bit of relief! I believe in the power of essentials oils, I don't have any illnesses, but I use them aromatically. I use lavender oil for relaxing, green tea oil to feel energized and so on. It's natural, effective and smells great, can't go wrong. I will check the website. Thanks for sharing!
mamazepp Premium
Betty - that is a GREAT testimonial for Victoria! Great to know they work that well. Sorry you are still suffering but hopefully these will get you through better until you are able to have surgery. Hang in there friend. Terri
Karyskis Premium
I'm so glad the essential oils are helping so much!!!