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Last Update: December 18, 2013

For some reason I cannot get into my 2nd website. htp://tablet-reviews.net I get a message that says:

This website is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.

Same message for 3 days. Any ideas?

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autumn56 Premium
I assume http://tablet-reviews.net/ is your site? You forgot one of the "t"s in the address up there. I saw that you said you had to redo your info with godaddy and it seems to have crossed over really fast. So get to work!!! =) Glad it is working out for ya.
hart48 Premium
Thank you everyone. Yes, I am working. Thanks.
Shawn Martin Premium
Make out a support ticket. Do you know how to make one out?
SamTea Premium
Yeah, Robert is right.
I had similar issue and submitter the support ticket.
At least you will know the reason.
Mark Tait Premium
Hi Betty - it can take a few days for domains to be registered across the internet. In the UK, mine sometimes take up to 4-5 days - although normally sooner (2-3 days).

Are you 100% that your DNS is pointing to your website IP address? Is it hosted with WA?

All the best, Mark
hart48 Premium
Yes, I watched training several time to make sure I was doing it right. I will give it one more day and then do a support ticket. Thanks.
hart48 Premium
I re-checked Go Daddy and info had not taken. I re-entered and then re-checked and it had been entered. So, things should be a go soon. Thanks again.
RobertNYC Premium
Hello hart48, please submit a support ticket if you haven't already. I've done that and had the issue resolved very quickly.