Disappointed and Excited

Last Update: January 16, 2014

My hip replacement, which is turning into a bigger deal than I would have wanted is Jan 28. The x-rays showed a new development with my lower back. I have bone on bone arthritis.

I am looking forward to no longer living with such horrible pain any longer. However, I am disappointed because with the doctors rolling and poking, the pain has gotten worse. And, this winter weather is not helping. I am deeply disappointed that my list of TO-DOS as far as WA, probably aren't going to be achieved. I had so much I wanted to have done before going to hospital. But, when you can't, you can't.

I was telling my husband about the standing desk idea. He said you can't stand long enough to fry and egg.

One of my doctors thought I had a great tolerance for pain. No, I just keep on keeping on.

I will try to keep on answering e-mails and such, but I can't concentrate long enough to work on my site. I hope to get my about me re-done. I have it edited and just need to make changes.

The surgery is on my deceased son's birthday, so I am sure I will be OK. He doesn't want Momma coming up there and messing with his business. So, I know he will keep me here safe and sound so I can take care of Lily.

I will be back soon to WA with more determination than ever.

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mackiejw Premium
All the best for you Betty.
steadyhiker Premium
Best wishes Betty! I hope that your recovery will be speedy and complete! God bless you!
tweet76 Premium
I wish you a speedy recovery . Focus on getting better , your site will still be there .
acoolmil Premium
Best of luck with everything Betty.
Melh1015 Premium
Best wishes to you, Betty! Concentrate on yourself. Your website/websites will still be waiting for you when you are good to go. See you when you get back.