Welcome Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate. You are here probably because you have registered some domain name before and had it hosted at some expensive hosting service. And because you have free hosting service here at Wealthy Affiliate, you want to transfer that domain name of yours.

Great, you came to right tutorial. Here you will learn exactly how to do that.

So, as you can see at above picture, first click to SiteRubix menu and choose Site Builder.

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shurmur4103 Premium
Fantastic tutorial!! Thank YOU Dan!
agnesmarshal Premium
Hello Dan awesome sharing thankyou good explaing now i'm going in to follow that plan so cool...
Oyz49 Premium
Thank`s for sharing, this was very informative.:)
So, in order to use the free membership (I am going into this with the intention on getting a good start in the first seven days, then, going premium if the potential feels real during this time - don't worry, I am not expecting miracles, I just want to see potential), i can only use a site through the rubix software. I don't mind doing that, and I have already begun a domain this way, but I don't think this fact was clear when I was instructed to build my site. Oh well, c'est la vie. Hopefully I'll be registering it here shortly...
AnthonyMLM Premium
Thanks for sharing a great post.