What would you do with a million dollars?

Last Update: July 07, 2014

I'm interested to know what a bunch of business minded money hungry entrepreneurs in the making would do with a MILLION DOLLARS

Think carefully, what would you really do with it?

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KatieMac Premium
I would help my family, give some to charity and keep enough for me to be comfortable
Serendipity7 Premium
I would buy a guesthouse to run with ny husband - my ultimate dream! And I would take my whole family on a well deserved holiday :) whats left will be invested!
Mark Tait Premium
Hi - mortgage, friends, family aside...

I would spend half hiring Kyle & Carson for a few days to recruit people who could produce quality content. I would pay those people out of the second half of the money - that should keep them going for a few months at least - plenty time (if K&C recruited well) to build quality content, and have a site/business with many repeat visitors/customers :)

As it would be doing so well, it would be generating enough money to continue to employ those experts, and perhaps have another few days of consultancy here and there from K&C, just to check things are on track.

Khaos Premium
Hello :) With 1 million dollar, i finish the renovation on my house then i can sell it and buy a crazy big house where i will put every people i love and many animals who need help. I will hire a private vet to take care of them (the animals :D).
Have a nice day :)
fairo Premium
Still thinking