Important Factor for Success in Affiliate Marketing

Last Update: September 26, 2015

What's The Most Important Factor For Success In AM?

Some of you might think the important part of success in affiliate marketing is knowledge, or your skills, or your talent, or your connections. THE FACT, IT'S NOT LIKE THAT

The key is your mindset.

"It's Not The Size Of The Dog In The Fight, It's The Size Of The Fight In The Dog"

The most important factor in your success as an affiliate marketer is determination.

Affiliate marketing is not easy.

You'll get confused.

You'll have big failures.

You'll wonder if you can do this.


Time and time again, we've seen that it's not the smartest or most knowledgeable people who succeed as affiliate marketers - it's the people who won't give up.

It's OK To Fail

You are going to try a lot of things that don't work.

That's perfectly OK. It's the nature of affiliate marketing that you got 90% of what you try doesn't work - but the other 10% will makes up for that.

When I started affiliate marketing, I completely flopped at it. Failed for months. Then, one day, I tried a new campaign - and that new campaign let me earn merely a few bucks, and then suddenly made me $x,xxx (I did Affiliate Marketing in difference way from WA, it happened before I join. If you are interested to know how to do Affiliate Marketing besides making a website like WA taught, just send me a PM)

Anyway, that's the same for everyone. Ask any of the ambassadors or senior members on Wealthy Affiliate - they'll all tell you that even today, when they try to master a new niche or traffic source or vertical, they're going to have to go through a lot of failure to get to success.

Keep Working. Keep Launching.


There are so many niches out there! So many traffic sources! So many offers! You've got to test them all, right?


Success in affiliate marketing comes from focus.

There are more profit opportunities out there than anyone can possibly tap in a single career. But success comes from focusing on one of those profit opportunities, and understanding it fully.

Focus on a single niche, traffic source, and a single vertical. Learn its quirks.

Learn how to get cheap clicks.

Learn how the user thinks.

Learn what ads work and don't work.

The people who jump around from adult to mobile to Facebook before they get anything working are the ones who don't get anywhere.

Over and over again, the affiliates who succeed are the ones who commit to a single part of affiliate marketing and master it. Not the one who test everything.

Always remember that in Affiliate Marketing,

We Create Successful Campaign - NOT Search For One

What To Do Now?

Sit down and make a commitment with yourself that you're going to spend a solid period of time focusing and developing your work. It's better to be slow but steady, rather than haste but wiggly.

You don't have to choose a niche, targeted keywords, or other complicated stuffs - just make that deal with yourself that no matter how grim it looks, you're going to stick to your course until you find success. If possible, actually write it down on paper, or email it to yourself. Stick a print-out on your wall. Whatever it takes to remind you that you're in this to win.

I'll wait for your SUCCESS STORY!

Best regard,

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surfpunk Premium
Hansen, that was an epic post ! Thanks ! There is so much to learn and absorb and it's quite easy to feel overwhelmed. The mind is the key.Out with the dirty water and in with clean water so to speak. I'm trying to do something to improve myself and businesses every day :)
justeileen Premium
Great post!!! :)
TamaraP Premium
Thank you Hansen
Timea Premium
Very wise...thank you
musicns Premium
Awesome Advice!! Too often we start something, decide we can't do it and walk away, instead of finding the determination to move forward.

I wrote a blog a while back that talked about positive thoughts! Remove I Can't from your vocabulary and replace it with I will and I can!

Thanks for the motivational post!
HansenLin Premium
Thanks for the like :)