Creating a Second Website. When is the Best Time?

Last Update: February 05, 2021

I'm four months in to my membership and website here at WA. I stumbled across WA looking for other remote jobs and without knowing anything about affiliate marketing, I jumped right in.

It was a free trial, couldn't hurt right?

After completing Level 1 of training I read reviews, testimonies, blog posts through WA, anything I could find to give me a sign that it was worth it to continue training. I think you can guess what I ultimately decided considering I'm here four months later writing this post!

But as I'm approaching the end of my Level 5 training, I can't help but think of ideas for other website.

So I came here today to ask you all in the community, what was your experience with a second website?

When did you choose to create your second website?

If you have second website, how long was it before you created it after your first?

I work almost full time of my first website, whereas I know many people within the community still work full time jobs and their website comes second. So I'm assuming the training may have been a little more lengthy for most than it was for me.

Did you finish the training before creating a second website?

I've read a few questions and blogs here where many people recommend that you wait until your first website completely takes off with steady income before creating a second because it can be a lot to juggle.

But again, I work full time on my websites. I don't have a full time job with my website as a side job.

Did you do a lot of research and prep ahead for content?

I know what I want my second website to be, and I've picked a few domains and added them to my cart.

I've also got a few article ideas written down, but I haven't started outlining any of them because I'm still working on my first website. I just research ideas for my second website when I've got writers block and need some clarity and inspiration.

Is your second website based off of the WA Bootcamp training?

This isn't something I'm necessarily interested in, but I'm curious to see how many people based their second website as an affiliate marketing info site.

My minor in university was for writing so it's something I'm super passionate about. I think I'd rather pick another niche I'm passionate about vs creating a site to promote affiliate marketing.

Although I know many people who have become super successful from having new members join through their links!

Speaking of what you're writing about, did you create a niche website based off of something you're passionate about?

This is another question that has often come to my mind. Did you create your first, second or even third website based on a niche you're actually interested in or something that was popular?

Sorry for all the questions! I'm just interested to hear other community members experiences and preferences to see what worked for them!

Wishing you all a happy Friday!


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JeffreyBrown Premium
If you feel it is right, go for it, Haley!

halesjales Premium
Thanks, Jeff!

My first goal is to definitely complete the training. After that I'll reflect on my current website, see where it's at and see where I'm at!
JeffreyBrown Premium
Sounds like a GREAT plan, Haley!

Warly10 Premium
Hi, that's some very good questions.

I would say it's better to work on one website, and once it takes off, then you can start a second one.

But since you seem to be having time, then go for it.

But remember that even one website can make a passive income.

I started here 9 months ago, I only have one website that's making money already because I'm dedicating all my time to it.

halesjales Premium
Hi Warren,

That's super encouraging to hear! I have my moments where I get down on myself about not making much income on my website yet, but then I remind myself it's only 4 months old and I have time to make progress.

I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on my website too, so I feel like I'm heading in the right direction.

I do for sure want to wait until I've completed the OEC training before creating my second website. I will probably prep all social media accounts and a few article outlines as well before purchasing the domain.

I've got a creative streak and can be pretty OCD in taking my time on my layout and website aesthetic so I know that will probably take up a lot of my time once I do create my second one haha!

Thank you so much for your feedback and advice!

GaryHiggins2 Premium
Hello Haley think how much easier it will be to create your second and third websites after your first one!
Warly10 Premium
Yeah, absolutely. You are still in the early stage, so I'm sure you'll rock it soon.

I stopped the training a few months ago, but I need to get back to it and finish it haha.

halesjales Premium
Hi Gary!

For sure, I've got my first website where I want it. I'm proud of my articles and I have really enjoyed the traffic I'm receiving. I just want more. I'm ready to see it bloom!

I'm going to stick with my first one alone for now, hopefully I'll see a pickup in organic traffic closer to my 6 month mark.
halesjales Premium
Absolutely! You should finish it! I have been able to get through Level 5 pretty quickly.