Unwavering Focus!

Last Update: September 09, 2018

Reciently, I've been reading about some who have bloged about why they have left Wealthy Affiliate or are thinking about leaving.

They've moved on...

I've even read comments on other websites from former WA members complaining that WA members are part of a "cult" because the level of interaction among WA members on the platform "is not normal behavior."

( I'm going to discuss more about this "cult" crap in a upcomming blog...)

I don't know these people personally and I really wish them success in whatever they choose to do.

Here's one thing I do know.

These individuals lack Unwavering Focus.

I have read that some are unhappy with the amount of money they've made in relation to the time they've spent here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, some of you are here with the intent to only make part-time money. That's fine. Some of you signed up with the goal only to supplement what you already have.

I get that. Everyone is NOT the same and everyone's goals are diffrent.

Some have started out on fire and once they REALLY see the amount of work involved and the huge investment in time it takes decided it's just not for them. I get that too. That's fine.

However...Many of you, like myself, are here with the DEFINITE PURPOSE of creating a six or seven figure annual income over the comming years - that's right, I said YEARS.

The following comments are directed to you, dear readers:

This platform is called "Wealthy Affiliate"

Not "Part-Time After the Football Game Affiliate"

Not "Mabye Five-Figure Affiliate"

Not "Make Some Money When You Feel Like It Affiliate"

Not "I'm Not Really Sure I Want to Do This Affiliate"

Some of you act like you're afraid to go after the "Wealthy" part!



Because if you follow the training with Unwavering Focus you can become wealthy over a reasonable period of time.

Let me ask you this: If you ABSOLUTELY knew in 5 to 7 years, some even less than 5 years, you would create a six to seven figure income if you JUST STAYED FOCUSED, would you leave Wealthy Affiliate?

C'mon man...

You wouldn't even think about it!

Yet there are people leaving on a regular basis. There are WA members with hundreds of posts over multiple blogs who are leaving or thinking about QUITTING.

To be honest, you can expect that in any business.

But when you read it yourself, when you see it on a blog post and in the comments and try to process it, you start to wonder Why?

Here is the key point, my friends:

Lets look at the definition of Unwavering Focus?

Unwavering Focus is the ability to maintain clarity about your highest priorities and to take all the energy you've learned to generate for yourself, chanel it into what matters most, and keep it there, regardless of what is going on around you or how you feel. This ability is key to becomming an exceptional performer.


There is NO OTHER WAY.

For example, the above quote on Unwavering Focus was from a book called "Miracle Morning for Millionaires" by Hal Elrod, David Osborn and Honoree Corder.

If I never read the book, I would have never learned to have Unwavering Focus.

When you harness the power of FOCUS, you don't become superhuman, but you can achieve superhuman results.

  • Unwavering Focus makes you more effective
  • Unwavering Focus makes you more efficient
  • Unwavering Focus makes you productive

Most of you know who the guy in the above picture is...

I have had this image as my screen saver on my laptops for over 10 years and never changed it.



Furious, determined, killer FOCUS!

The kind of focus that wins 6 championship rings.

This guy was SO FOUCSED that he made everyone around him BETTER!

Look at the sheer determination on his face! The clenched fists in defiance of failure and mediocrity.

The Yell from his innermost gut that I will NOT be denied and I am going to beat the crap out of you and I'm not going to stop beating the crap out of you until I get what I want!

And then I'll beat the crap out of you SOME MORE!

This guy failed and failed and failed...But then he developed Unwavering Focus.

He ONLY developed Unwavering Focus because he FAILED OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

Unwavering Focus.

I'm going to end my rant with the words of the late Jim Rohn:

"Nothing in your life will ever change unless you change. Nothing in your life will get better untill you get better."

Let me ask you this: Are YOU ALL IN?

Leave your comments below and let your fellow WA members know how you feel about this.

Now I'm off to fail forward some more, then beat the crap out of my failures!

Talk Soon,


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Omosomi Premium
Unwavering Focus can kill our mojo.
"If we do not change direction we are likely to end up where we are headed"
Unwavering focus will not take us to anywhere, except we clenched fists in defiance of failure and mediocrity, like picture above. Those people that are leaving or contemplating to leave are truly not focus because of they diligently get the training need to be done I believe sky will be their limit not will hold them not to make it here in WA.
Thanks for your beautiful post.

Johnpavich Premium
Great info Howard . I was in sales for many years and went to many motivational seminars and they were always very uplifting.
I saw many people make a lot of money and many fail cause they never made any money.
I remember a quote and I will see if I can remember it , anything that you vividly imagine, ardently act upon and desire will eventually come to pass ! Iam not sure if that was Napolean hill but it's a good one .
As a manager once of over 70 salespeople I can tell you there's always the 80 - 20 rule 80% of the people make 20 % of the money and 20 % make 80 % of the money and of that 20 % there is about 1 or 2 % that make fantastic money.
I believe that almost everyone can make a lot of money they just need a push .
I saw salespeople that once a manager pushed them a little each day they made $10,000.00 a month and this was in the 80's !
This was 20 cold calls a day by phone and 50 cold calls door to door and he made it. Then he left our company and nobody was there to push him and he slowly faded into the sunset never to be anybody again, so almost everyone can make it with a little push.

Einstein was asked how did he get so smart he said it was 10 % inspiration and 90 % perspiration ! Ha ha all the best Howard .
Calvinator63 Premium
Very profound statements, while reading this in the back of my mind I kept thinking, but what about the person that realizes they are in over their heads

They have no internet knowledge, have never built a website before from the ground up, didn’t even heard of SEO prior to hearing in the training, and can’t write worth a crap.

Some might say that those are very good reason for any smart person to avoid facing possible failure in attempt to make money blogging. I say hog wash! If you don’t learn is it worth it, seriously how many out there can say someone just handed them a fully mature website that was making 10 K a month to get started with.

Many of the members here were complete novices when they joined WA and now they are doing just that making 10K a month just after a couple of years of following what the training told them to do. And as far as writing ability prior to my college days you would have been lucky to get me to write anything over 250 words in a profile description to a website, let alone share personal experiences with the world on my website; my last blog was well over 1,500 words as are 95% of all my blogs.

Everything in life that is worthwhile takes time to get used to: if you’re not willing to change how do you except your life to change?

You have to start the domino effect if not you will be stuck in the same life you have now or before!

Thanks for posting this Howard, I think this can benefit many if they just think about it for a minute or two!
Jadatherapy Premium
Yes i agree.

If you so not try, you will never know.

If you give up half way, you will never know.

Just do it and stick with it and then you will know.
Calvinator63 Premium
Kyle says somewhere in the training that the only people that have not achieved success using this system are the ones that gave up!
Jadatherapy Premium
I can very well believe that because I have seen nothing but success here.
Tamzon Premium
Amazin and very inspiring

Focus and Consistency are the keys to success in any of your life

and they are 2 areas I struggle with, When I set a goal I almost always achieve it but it usually takes longer than I think it should have and the main reason for this is lack of focus

If I could just stay focused I would achieve my goal 10 times faster
I much read that book

AlexEvans Premium
I like to think of it in terms of unyielding passion, in doing so I can take those ten steps backward in order to take twenty forward, all the while focusing on the end game. Really enjoyed your post, Howard a great way to kick start the week.
Best wishes for a productive week.
DBruneau77 Premium
Great post! Perhaps some people sign up at WA thinking it will be their way out, but once they realize the work and effort needed before things can even get rolling, they either lose confidence, or don't want to put the effort in and walk away.

For these folks, they have expectations they are visualizing, but there is little to no focus. Instead, there's a big blur between the starting point and end one.

Looking forward to your insight on the cult mentality perception!
firstlearn Premium
Due to past so-called gurus, there are many who still believe if they set up a website they should be a millionaire within a year.

The more sensible members realise the truth and expect their income to be towards that level after 5 or more years.

Some people haven't got the wherewithal to focus for anywhere near that length of time.

They are very unlikely to ever be successful.

H-Spinney Premium
I quoted from a blog post from Gary Vaynerchuk in my post:

"It will take 5 to 7 years to reach six or seven figures. Maybe a little less than 5 years if you are exceptional."


You are correct my friend and so is Gary V.

Talk Soon,
CandP Premium
We can feel the passion coming from you, Howard! Thanks for such a great post.
You are so right on. The unwavering focus is where it's at for those of us here for the long haul.
Nothing amazing comes without putting in the work.
Some people will call anything a cult without realizing what they are stating. Ridiculous!
We are with you on the journey!
Colette and Philip
H-Spinney Premium
Hey Colette and Philip,

Thank you for the kind words.

Every thing you stated in your post is spot on.

I am with you on the journey as well!

Talk Soon,
nurselizstar Premium
Oh, my goodness Howard, what a wonderful and powerful thing to read as I brush the sleep from my eyes. It is no secret I chose nursing as a career. In my final years, I was in management (Director of Nursing) and witnessed “wavering focus” in many I supervised. You cannot care for others unless your head is in the game, and you cannot be EFFECTIVE unless you do it with all your heart! Patients lives depend on it. So when the work got hard or became busy (when the census rose) and you ran across some unpopular patients compared to the sweetly demented Alzheimer's ones, they gave up and moved on. Why? Because they became engrossed in mediocrity and the mundane, robotic way they carried out their duties previously. Once things started hopping and the mundane climate changed, the “work” became too hard, and the bitching and complaining increased, and they couldn't hack it, and moved on. When they reported to my office to turn in their resignation (many did not afford me this gratuity), I simply said, “OK. Work changed for you and you couldn't handle it, right?” (Yes, I was a slave driver to work for). Of course, they had multiple reasons other than the truth (better pay, less distance, better hours, etc.). As they left my office, all I could say was, "well good luck and BUH BYE!" Life and time are too precious a commodity to waste on something that does not have rewards. I looked at AND joined many affiliate programs, but I CHOSE WA because they made no promises of get rich in a week fantasies. They said, if you do the work, you will succeed. If you stick with it with “unwavering focus” your life and lifestyle will change. If you apply our methods along with all these rewards we are giving you (free websites, word press, JAAXY, etc) you cannot fail! I apologize for my long-winded comment again. It brought back some memories in regard to the Exodus of WA and I couldn't drive my point without sharing those memories. In closing, I'll just say the definition for the acronym WA should not only be Wealthy Affiliate, but also WAaaaa, crybabies not allowed!
tomanec Premium
Great ;post indeed.As if you prepare,advice,remind the reader to come to the starting line,well prepared.After crossing the line,he may have to come back in ftont of it several times which is a kind of a training for him to attain the unwavering focus.The quiting is no option as long as he has in mind his goal.
Surfdude123 Premium
I hope this unwavering focus stays with you once you reach the year mark where I have seen so many go.a.different direction. The time is now to make the change especially at 54 years of age. Come back to this post you wrote it you begin to feel like it's not working quick enough. Best.
H-Spinney Premium
Hey Surfdude123,

A couple of thoughts:

“I hope this unwavering focus stays with you once you reach the year mark where I have seen so many go.a.different direction.”

You’ve seen so many roll out ‘cause they don’t have unwavering focus.

“The time is now to make the change especially at 54 years of age.”

That’s right!

“Come back to this post you wrote it you begin to feel like it's not working quick enough. Best.”

No need to. If you knew my circumstances which I don’t go into in my bio, you’d know I have to live this stuff EVERY DAY. That’s why I wrote it...

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Talk Soon,
AffMktgRt Premium
Good morning Howard, an early morning sermon that would move even those with scales on their eyes and with earwax in their ears.

Recently I have posted here at WA a short post, not as fiery and eloquent as yours about WA being like a building in which people reside on different floors and they therefore seem to be preoccupied by different issues (street level noise, dust, noise from floors above or wait time for elevators and roof leaks).

What you've described in your post, in relevant or related part, reflects the same membership makeup with various levels of interest, pursuit or focus while all of them have access to the same platform (building) as members (residents). Your points are all extremely valid and inspiring. In the end we are responsible for our choices and outcomes.

Nrichards Premium
Thanks, for sharing what you have written, this is so inspiring and it is so amazing because I was just encouraging myself this morning along the seam lines. What you have written and sharing is so timely.
MKearns Premium
Keep moving ahead!
JoanMarie Premium
Loved your message Howard, very motivational!! Love the picture, too, I FEEL his determination just by looking at it. Thanks for sharing!
Jadatherapy Premium

Yes I agree.

You know what is really funny. Many people will work themselves silly making other people wealthy on JOB (just over broke). complaining that they did not get a pay rise or promotion.

And when they have a golden opportunity drop in their lap, they complain that it takes up too much of their time.

Go figure.

I say NEXT. and keep moving.

I am here for a lifestyle change, big time and I know when I got a good thing going and this is IT.

I have never come across a platform where all you have to do is following the training and the magic happens YET.

Staying FOCUSED is a no brainer to me.

Thank you for sharing this post. Wishing you all the very best success here at Wealthy Affiliate.

MKearns Premium
Movement is great preferably ahead!
Nancy29 Premium
Hi Howard,
I can’t wait to read your post on cults, so I’m following you to make sure I don’t miss it! This was such a fun read. I think you brought up a subject that gets glossed over most of the time; some people’s fear of success and making too much money. It’s a real fear, and may account for why some WA members pack up and move on.
FlorencioQ Premium
Wow! talk about a motivational speech. I love your post and will bookmark it for future motivation. One of the best posts I've ever read here. Thank you Howard!
CheDau Premium
Very true.
Thanks for this post.
ITs very inspirational.
So true, all good things comes to those who work hard and patiently awaits the results.
Crazyhaggis Premium
Well said!