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This appeared on my laptop today while I was writing content...Below is a small snippet of the article:John Mueller Said Google Mobile First Index Will Exclude All Desktop ContentGoogle’s John Mueller provided new information about the new Mobile First Index. The big news is that desktop only sites will be completely dropped from the index, gone. Additionally, there are bugs related to m-dot sites and affirmed that the date for switching over to a mobile index is firm and not likely to ch
This is going to be a brief blog post, but hopefully an informative one.I'd like to know how active you are on social media.I've just reviewed WA Affiliate Bootcmp Phase 3 Lesson 2.I'm following the videos and the instruction minute by minute.The problem I have is with social media.It's time consuming.It's distracting.A few of the "heavy hitters" on WA don't really have a social media profile because of the organic traffic they recieve from the search engines.Some of them don't fool with social
1: Sell or Be Sold2: The ONE Thing3: The Magic of Thinking Big4: You Were Born Rich5: The Art Of War6: The Miracle Morning7: The Miracle Morning for Millionaires8: How To Win Friends and Influence People9: Psyco-Cybernetics10: 7 Strategies For Wealth and Happiness11: Negative Self Talk and How To Change It12: Think and Grow Rich13: The End of Heart Disease14: The 10X Rule15: Awaken The Giant Within
Don't ask me how I've managed to read while banging out blog posts but somehow I've managed to do so.I've been reading "The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results" by Gary Keller, Jay PapasanThis is simply an outstanding read!This book has helped me to readjust my thinking on what I give priority to.What does "Big" mean to you?Big stands for greatness—extraordinary results. When you pursue a big life, you’re pursuing the greatest life you can possibly
I just recieved a email from Ken Evoy's Solo Build It! platform mercilessly trashing Wealthy Affiliate...The only reason I got the email is because I'm an affiliate for Solo Build It!I'm an affiliate for Solo Build It! is because in the training here at Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle Louduon emphasized "not to leave money on the table" by not becoming an affiliate for other companies.Even companies you don't particularly like.The Problem With Alexa RankingsI don't particularly care for Ken Evoy's tact
October 20, 2019
First, let me make this point:I will not post anything on this blog that is not going to be beneficial to members here at Wealthy Affiliate.Whenever I post something, I try to put myself in your shoes."How will this benefit people who read this?"Now that I've made that point,You're probably wondering why this post is titled "Brian Jones"For years I use to think Mick Jagger was the leader and the brains behind the Rolling Stones.I reciently learned I was wrong.It was Brian Jones.Brian Jones was
How To Eventually Quit Your Job:1) Join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member2) Make Wealthy Affiliate a DAILY priority and STOP tolerating excuses!3) Follow the lessons EXACTLY as you are instructed to.4) NEVER give up! Become Relentless...5) Repeat steps 2 through 4 with laser-like FOCUS!You WILL Succeed!Period!Howard
I’m a HUGE music lover! It’s no secret that I LOVE Rock and Roll. I’ve been a drummer for years, since I was 16 (although you can’t tell from my profile picture) Psychologists have long confirmed the power of music over our subconscious mind and emotions. An article on the Globe and Mail website had this to say in the post “Why Does Music Motivate Us”:“Indeed much of music's power lies in its ability to elicit emotional reactions and enhance mood. Rece
WARNING: If you are an emotionally weak, mentally fragile newbie or are not a newbie but are easily swayed from your decisions, then DON'T read this blog post!You Have Been Warned!Here we go...I usually don't read other peoples blog posts, unless they're from Wealthy Affiliate. Many of the posts here at WA are really encouraging and informative.That being said...I do a TON of research online, and from time to time I come across a blog post that gets my blood boiling.Posts like this:In case some
I really didn't want to take the time to make a blog post because I'm knee deep in revamping older content and improving the SEO of a number of blog posts.However, I sincerely appreciate Live Chat and Help Center. More times than I can remember, I've been helped out of some sticky technical situations that otherwise I wouldn't know what to do with.However, Live Chat and Help Center are forums that Wealthy Affiliate has set up for the benefit of its members, both new and not so new.Therefore, I