Social Media 2020 In Relation To Your Wealthy Affiliate Business

Last Update: April 23, 2020

This is going to be a brief blog post, but hopefully an informative one.

I'd like to know how active you are on social media.

I've just reviewed WA Affiliate Bootcmp Phase 3 Lesson 2.

I'm following the videos and the instruction minute by minute.

The problem I have is with social media.

It's time consuming.

It's distracting.

A few of the "heavy hitters" on WA don't really have a social media profile because of the organic traffic they recieve from the search engines.

Some of them don't fool with social media at all.

A large portion of the social media training is outdated here on WA.

What I mean by "outdated" is the social media interfaces today look diffrent than on the WA videos.

So sometimes you're left scratching your head.

I want to follow instructions, but I don't want to be logging into my social media accounts every other day to post content.

Any suggestions???

Is there software that will help manage your social media accounts?

Please give your feedback, it would be appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Howard,

I know it takes time for all this social media stuff and one has to be careful not to lose time doing it.
I have been doing Pinterest for a couple of years. I make pins for my posts and have seen not much result by doing that. It of course depends on the post, but still.
Last year I started with FB as I was told Google want to see likes on your posts. It takes time to build up a group where the people give a like when you publish your new post, slowly but surely it is happening now. You have to take the time and look at what people are posting so you also give likes. On FB there is a lot of nonsense and time wasting things so you have to sift through that.
I have joined a few groups where I can publish my posts so I think it is going in the right direction.

Stay safe and healthy,

H-Spinney Premium
Excellent comments...

Thank You,

Joes946 Premium
I personally don't use Social media.
H-Spinney Premium
Thank You...

I want to see as many comments on this as possible

Linda103 Premium
I have done social media for my business for years Howard and was quite horrified to find it is used so little here at WA.
Here is a free resource that can be excellent at bringing traffic while you wait for the organic traffic to appear and supplement it once it does.
The thing is, you have to grow your accounts and use it.
Every blog can be posted direct once its published, it takes a few minutes. I know because that's what I do.
I use a free buffer account to post 3 at the same time, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In. I use Shareaholic to send Facebook and Tumblr and Pinterest goes direct. It takes a few minutes.
I think social media should be an early lesson just telling you to open the accounts to start growing followers.
Facebook is nothing like it used to be and I just have automated posts going through. Interaction on FB is far too time consuming for very little return.
I use Social Jukebox to automate tweets, the FB posts and a couple of posts a day to Linked In. I was fortunate in signing up to the beta testing and now get it at a low price locked in.
Instagram and Pinterest I need to make time for and grow them, which I will, once my sites are where I want them to be.
Excuse the essay.
H-Spinney Premium
Thank You, Linda!

This is a very helpful reply.

Full of great advice!

All The Best,

Matt91 Premium
I know what you mean,
I'm quite new and found the whole social media thing overwhelming.
What I do now is concentrate my time on writing good quality posts to try and get organic traffic and focus only on 1 social media account which for me is Pinterest because it's a free source of traffic plus I don't have to spend much time on it.. Just a few minutes after I finish writing posts.
Jay done some great webinar training on Pinterest.
I hope this helps.
H-Spinney Premium
Thanks for weighing in, Matt91...