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Last Update: Nov 9, 2014


OK everyone! I need your comments on my site. Especially from those in my network because you all know that I respect your opinions. Good or bad I will be learning something from them and helping my site at the same time. I've been a little hesitant to do this because first off... I'm some what of a perfectionist, which at times can be a bad thing. Second is the Fear Factor!! LOL "Yes,you all know what I'm talking about." We all love to hear the good stuff, however it's the truthful comments that help us grow to be successful Affiliates. I am still amazed at what I have learned in a short time here. I am on my way to being very successful, thanks to all the help from the WA community! Love You All!

I still have a couple pages in draft that I will have complete very soon, But I knew I needed to do this Now!! No more waiting. I need the Troops Now! Sooo Bring it On! Peace and prosperity.... James AKA Guitarman

Here is the link

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Great work!

I really like your website and the 'easy' way you write. As for the layout I agree with what the others have written; some more headlines and graphics to split up large chunks of text and some polishing on the About me page might be a good idea. :)

Kristina, thanks for the reply and also for the comment you left on my site. I've been working at it trying to polish it up since the post. All the response has helped a lot. It is starting to shape up. Peace .. James

Your off to a pretty good start, I agree with adding some graphics and customizing your menu bar to better organize it. You can remove a couple widget that you probably don't need like the one for categories and RSS feed as well, nice job though. :))

Kim, thanks for the feedback. I will check into removing the Widgets and organizing my menu.

Its all just drag and drop and moving the titles where you want them to appear. Good luck.

I agree that Working From Home should be moved in the menu.
I agree that your Getting Started and Building Websites pages need some graphics.
I do not have the issue with your About Me page presentation.The subtle alignment issue may have to do with adding the picture and may be a theme issue. I know I have to add CSS to center my images.
I would suggest possibly adding some color to your headings
Christa :)

Christa,Thanks for the input. Yes that alignment issue doesn't show on my dashboard page. it looks good there. I've been trying to figure it out. The word-press framework is still pretty new to me. Like learning a new language. Will add some pics also.

Yes it is. This is what helped me, before the image text I inserted

and after the image text
. This might help you as well. Leo taught this to me.
All in all I really like your site!

You have a good start. Few things I see that need addressing, in my opinion.
Your menu seems to be backwards. Or, did you intend "work from home" be in the last position?

Your "about me" page doesn't have the polished format that the other pages have. Something seems to be off on your alignment in the body area.

On your "building websites" and "Getting Started" pages I would suggest adding some graphics to break up the large amount of text. People tend to be intimidated (or lazy) with a lot of text. If you break it up into small chunks they tend to get through it all.

Hope that helps you out.

LCJohn, thanks for checking out my site. Appreciate the honesty. Will work on that polishing this week. Thanks again

good to hear I wasn't taken the wrong way. Sometimes tone can be lost in a text only environment. I have two sites I have done on my profile page if you want to see some of the work I have done.

I will check them out. Thanks

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