Jaaxy Pro is the Way to Go!

Last Update: July 28, 2015

Wow, holy crap! What a great tool and I just started playing with it. You know, kind of like a kid with a new toy, I just want to play for now without reading all the instructions, but as I've already learned at WA, I'll follow the training.

Can I re-do all my content now? Just kidding..... but seriously, Jaaxy is really powerful and I've barely touched it's capabilities. I can see how someone can spend hours researching keywords with Jaaxy.

OK, the main reason for this post is to give input to those who are wondering about going Pro with Jaaxy and if it is worth it. I recommend it without hesitation. It's another one of those essential tools if you are committed to making your internet business a career.

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JewelCarol Premium
Thank you very much for yr sharing, I am using WA keyword tool, so Is therer many differences between Jaaxy Pro and WA keyword tool?
Boyo Premium
I have also been using the WA keyword tool and am wondering if it's worth using Jaaxy pro? I'm not quite clear on what the differences are?