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August 15, 2015
Alright... it feels good to get through all 10 lessons of phase 1 in Affiliate Bootcamp. I must say there is a lot of material covered and tons of great information available here at WA. And to think I've only scratched the surface, wow.I'd like to thank all those who offer their valuable time to post trainings, tutorials, respond to questions and PM's etc... in the spirit of helping out within the community. This aspect of WA is truly unbelievable with the amount of available help and how quick
July 30, 2015
Wow...the WA platform works is all I can say. I created my WA affiliate website on July 14 and have been working on it pretty consistently but I haven't gone crazy writing content yet or anything like that.I have a couple 1000+ word posts on my blog and my menu pages are starting to get built out slowly but surely. Other than that, nothing too extreme. I'm still in Bootcamp Phase 1, lesson 9 for that matter, taking my time trying to absorb.I was curious (as we all are) about site ranking, as if
Wow, holy crap! What a great tool and I just started playing with it. You know, kind of like a kid with a new toy, I just want to play for now without reading all the instructions, but as I've already learned at WA, I'll follow the training.Can I re-do all my content now? Just kidding..... but seriously, Jaaxy is really powerful and I've barely touched it's capabilities. I can see how someone can spend hours researching keywords with Jaaxy.OK, the main reason for this post is to give input to th
July 27, 2015
I just wanted to share my decision to go yearly with the WA community. Actually it was a no brainer for me. I know for some, perhaps many, it may not be an affordable choice at this time... but perhaps instead of asking, can I afford to go Yearly? ... the question should be, can I afford not to go Yearly?The way I see it, WA is far superior to any other platform when it comes to training, support, website services, inspiration and motivation. If you are committed to making an online business yo
July 16, 2015
Hello all. I'm halfway through Bootcamp and feel like I've learned a lot and consider it an accomplishment. Momentum is building and things are starting to take shape. I'd like to say thanks to the entire WA community. Everyone here makes up the community and many contribute indirectly even when it's not recognized. There is a lot of expertise here and so many people willing to help...that alone is worth the price of admission.I suggest everyone give themselves a pat on the back for being here a
July 10, 2015
I knew early on while researching and learning about WA that I would become a Premium member. Now that I have upgraded I'm all in and ready to travel the road ahead while having the ability to ask those that are coming back. I know it will take hard work and persistence to stay at it but the eventual results will be so rewarding…and having the support and help of this community is an incredible leg up on the competition. Cheers and best of luck to all.