A Milestone Surprise

Last Update: July 30, 2015

Wow...the WA platform works is all I can say. I created my WA affiliate website on July 14 and have been working on it pretty consistently but I haven't gone crazy writing content yet or anything like that.

I have a couple 1000+ word posts on my blog and my menu pages are starting to get built out slowly but surely. Other than that, nothing too extreme. I'm still in Bootcamp Phase 1, lesson 9 for that matter, taking my time trying to absorb.

I was curious (as we all are) about site ranking, as if that were possible already. Ok, with a keyword search on Google I am somewhere on page 6, like position 56 or so. Out of 1.3 mil. results not so bad right? Onward to page 1.

So what's the milestone you ask?

When I searched my keyword on Bing, I was totally surprised at what I saw.

I held position 1 and position 8 on page 1....what a welcome surprise that was.

OK I know, it's not like I cured cancer but does that mean I'll be rich soon?!? Just kidding.

I know it's Bing and not Google... but hey, # 1 of 9.8 mil results is fine with me, Bing or not. Still a big piece of pie.

So that's my little milestone success I wanted to share. I find the incremental success stories people post here to be motivational to keep on working hard. I hope this post has that same positive effect for some of you.



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mijareze Premium
Good work--keep it up!
Robert-A Premium
Well done. I don't actually bother with Bing but every avenue must be explored and you are on your way so as I said - well done you.
Have a nice day.
MrsT Premium
Congrats! Onwards and upwards. Stacey :-)