Why Wealthy Affiliate Education Program Is The Best Online

Last Update: August 29, 2017

The best education program online, Wealthy Affiliate, will help you start an online business, using a website. Designed for people with little to no experience, it is the best opportunity for success you can find.

I have now reached the 9 month mark, and i just want to get across a few points. Especially for newbies or new members at Wealthy Affiliate.

My website stats-15 pages, 115 posts, 245 comments. A small amount of traffic to brag about, but it is too early yet.

Last week one of my blogs sold an Ebook, my first ever income made online. This Education works!

Wealthy Affiliate Education Program cannot be beaten, hundreds of thousands of members would not be here if it was not LEGIT

This community at WA is the greatest, for anybody who is new here, you can find the answers just by using the search box on the front page. The answers to any question you have, is probably in a training course written by a WA member, or in a lesson provided by Kyle or Jay. I have used it so much, if i'm not sure of something.

If you are unsure about joining or not, do it, it is the best training available.

Also answers come from members just by 'asking the community'. So many members 'give back' and help others it is amazing. Please help others if you know how, they will appreciate it, and 'pay it forward' themselves.

I am in the habit of following at least 8, sometimes 16 new members every day. I know how it feels when you just join and someone follows you. Straight off, you feel that people care. And they do, daily i'm logged in and see the amazing support members get from other members.

Reading other members profiles and success blogs are very moving, and will keep you here longer.

I don't participate in the live chat, as it just moves too fast for me, and there is always @Rich to help. Every time i have a look, @Rich is in there helping others out. Well done @Rich, you're a legend.

With regard to the training, i love it, but that's because i'm obsessed with making this work. Every 2 days i blog on my site, it takes 2-3 hours for me to produce 1 post. With 2 websites on the go, i can't do much more(that's me).

What i've learnt is to proceed at my own pace, i have completed the Certification Training already. I'm making my way through the Bootcamp, finding that many tasks have already been done before.

The community and support and the vast range of training make it well worth the money for becoming a member. I have even cancelled my cable feed to stay a member. What is more important, the long term success of this venture, or what?

Patience, tenacity, determination, persistence are just a few words that should be in your mind at all times.

It is a journey that will be going for many years for me, so i'm giving it my best shot. Even $500 a month will make a huge difference, that will cover food and a few bills for the month. Even this is an achievement.

Having access to affiliate/internet marketers with years of experience, is a huge bonus, and could easily be worth the cost of membership. There are millionaires among the members, no doubt about that. Reading blog posts, and training courses done by them, is another thing i love about Wealthy Affiliate.

Imagine having access to successful online business owners, who will give you answers to a question, through Private Messages.

So finally i will say, i am so fortunate to be a member, i know i will achieve some level of success because of Wealthy Affiliate. I am still on my journey, and have had many small successes already.

I have achieved a few Google page 1 listings already(just in 9 months!), and going forward this will get better with traffic building up. Even this post is on Google page 1 today(06/17/17) for keyword Best Education Wealthy Affiliate.

Success comes from moving forward constantly, and having patience.

This journey is a marathon, and you must never give up.

The amount of resources available is amazing, the amount of information is amazing, join up now, and create a better future for yourself and your family.

Kyle, Carson, Jay and all the members at Wealthy Affiliate, a big thank you!

I'm in the right place at the right time.

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pranavmutty Premium
Hi Greg,
i totally agree with this.i am following your steps.
gs1954 Premium
Hi, I don't know yet if what i want will happen, but with WA behind me i have the best chance. I'll just keep trying, and adding content, until i get sales.
A very simple process.
Good luck to you too!
Phil-58 Premium
well said, Greg.
I'm right behind you with this one,
I totally agree 100%
$500 would be awesome for me.
I have been doing online business with the past 10 yrs or so and never made a penny.
Lost 1000's along the way
I know that I am now in the right organisation.
gs1954 Premium
Like many others i have lost money looking too, but i agree, we're in the right community now.
Hope you realise your dreams soon.
Cheers Phil
Kyle Premium
Awesome, keep up the great work Greg. You are making some awesome progress and yes, $500 per month will happen and then to grow from there, it will just be a matter of doing more of what you are doing. :)
MPollock Premium
Fantastic, and keep up the great work.
gs1954 Premium
Thanks MPollock,
I'll keep trying, at least for a couple of years!
pparadise Premium
Yes will get there for sure and keep up the good work.

gs1954 Premium
Thanks pparadise,