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Many Premium members will be in the same position as me, 9 months as a member, but no money yet. The question that will be going through your mind, will be 'can you make money with affiliate marketing?While i was really excited at the start, and started writing content, and going through the Certification Course, i was that excited i missed a few vital points in the training. Maybe you did the same, and i want to talk about what you need to do now.You Can Make Money With Affiliate Marketing, Bu
The latest video training, 21 Minute Ranking Method In 7 Steps, has changed the way i post. MY RESULT WAS A 12 MINUTE RANKING FOR MY POST! After watching the training, i decided to try Jay's 7 steps(although i had no embedded video). I had a post completed, and just had to post online. My method has been almost the same as Jay's, except i use All In One SEO. What i did differently was this.In All In One SEO, at the bottom of your post, is a box that can accept 160 characters(meta description).
May 08, 2017
It's been over 7 months from when i first joined Wealthy Affiliate. I still believe it's the best Education and Support you can get online. The following story of my journey, would not have been possible, without Wealthy Affiliate-Join Now!About 3 months before that i had created a website and written an Ebook, hoping to eventually get some sales. When i decided to find out about SEO and how to get traffic(i had no clue), i luckily found, and joined Wealthy Affiliate. Within 3 days, i knew that
This post will be updated every month with my website stats, and progress made. It will be used to show my progress, good or bad, and be available for all members to see. I started with Wealthy Affiliate in November 2016, having already built a Wordpress website months before. I came here because i was looking for information, as i have been online for years, but always paying money to others, but getting nowhere. A very familiar story to many Wealthy Affiliate members, who have been in the sam
Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to be if you want to learn how to make money online. If you have been searching for the right information, about how to start an online business, i'm sure you have fallen for a few fake promises.It is common to lose money while searching for answers, we don't know what we need to know, and will join a program that seems to offer a solution. A common question i see is, Can You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?What i can say is, if you can't make money with al
Like a lot of other members i bet, searching in the WA keyword Tool can be rewarding. I'm always trying to find keywords with under 100 competition, but sometimes you find a word of phrase where the search/traffic are really high. I can't resist checking out the competition, in the off chance i might find a 'golden nugget'. Well, it happened to me yesterday, i found a word with 13,078,370 search, 2,223,323 traffic! I checked the competition, and the number 97 came up. But what do i do with this
January 25, 2017
Hi, fellow members.Ever noticed how sometimes an image takes a while to load on your site. This can be annoying to your site visitors, and may even scare them off. We don't want this. I recently had an image of 1.4 Mb used on my page, and it would load slowly. So i found a FREE image crop, resize and compress website that makes changing your image really easy.My image is now 462 Kb, loads really fast, and no degradation of image noticed. If your images are slowly loading, it is probably due to
The best education program online, Wealthy Affiliate, will help you start an online business, using a website. Designed for people with little to no experience, it is the best opportunity for success you can find.I have now reached the 9 month mark, and i just want to get across a few points. Especially for newbies or new members at Wealthy Affiliate.My website stats-15 pages, 115 posts, 245 comments. A small amount of traffic to brag about, but it is too early yet.Last week one of my blogs sol
It's taken almost 2 months, but finally finished. Now to start on Affiliate Bootcamp Course. I wonder how long that will take me?No hurry though, doing it all at my pace.
I can't believe it has been 1 month, at times it seems like last week. Stats on my site: 6 pages, 16 posts, 32 comments. Site health is good, just need a trusted tick now!I will continue to add 15 posts per month, thats my schedule, and keep going through the course. I'm not finished yet, still have affiliate bootcamp to go after my current training. No hurry, i'm progressing at my own pace.Every day i know i'm in the right place, WA is the best support and training i've found. Where else can y