How Wealthy Affiliate Is Helping Me Achieve Financial Freedom

Last Update: August 24, 2017

This post will be updated every month with my website stats, and progress made. It will be used to show my progress, good or bad, and be available for all members to see.

I started with Wealthy Affiliate in November 2016, having already built a Wordpress website months before. I came here because i was looking for information, as i have been online for years, but always paying money to others, but getting nowhere. A very familiar story to many Wealthy Affiliate members, who have been in the same predicament.

It was reading about a review on plug in profit site, that the author had mentioned Wealthy Affiliate, and i decided to have a look. That day, reading that review, has changed my life.

I was at a point of needing something, a purpose in life, as i had lots of time.

Learning about an interest has always been easy for me, i love reading and absorbing information. The stock market has been a passion of mine for over 30 years, and i have probably looked into every trading system there is, but i have never made millions(i would have been happy with less)

Starting the Wealthy Affiliate Certification Course, and building that first website, completely 'blew my mind'. I joined as a free member, but within a couple of days i could see the 'big picture', and turned Premium.

Here was information i had been searching for for years, it was not expensive, although i cancelled my cable feed to make it easier. My future has now changed, just by becoming a Premium member, the possibilities are many.

One great thing about being a member, is seeing other members stories, and their struggles too.

My chances have improved by doing these courses, of attaining financial freedom. I can now freelance as my knowledge has grown, and will keep growing. If i choose i can now teach others, who have less knowledge than me.

Just the other day i read a blog post about 3 members who did not see adequate traffic to their sites for 12 months, but after that they saw progress.

With your progress with knowledge, and progress with earnings(which will get better with time), it will become easier to write about success in your posts on your website. I am looking forward to this stage.

If you are not a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will never have these stories at your disposal. These stories are the reality of life online, of real people struggling to make money. But i salute everyone here for trying, for having a go.

I especially respect the members who are here with successful online businesses, who have tried and gained success over the years. They want to help others achieve success too, and have stayed on as members when they could have easily left after their success.

This journey that i have started, and will continue for years(maybe forever), is a marathon, and i am prepared. My skill as a writer is still iffy, but one thing that can be used as a measure of how good you are, is when you get traffic.

Comments on your website is the measure of your engagement, and success as a writer. If nobody leaves comments, or wants to engage with you, that is a warning sign. I hope to eventually have hundreds, as this will show my skill as a writer.

If you are reading this blog post, and are not a member yet of Wealthy Affiliate, please sign up now. You will never get a better chance of making money online, through your own website.

It may just change your life, as it has for me. I now have hope, where before i had none, and success will come, i just know it.

My website stats

After 9 months, 15 pages 114 posts 235 comments

My goal is to have 150 posts by Christmas 2017! (I'm on target so far)

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Doug-A Premium
Hi Gregory. Interesting post. I have been in WA now since October. I have not moved as fast as you yet. I am somewhat in a hurry to start earning some kind of income. Now in C4 L8. I think now at this point I should be able to share more with others and get ahead as I learn to help others more. Putting so many posts in seems difficult. More I write the better it should get.
gs1954 Premium
Hi Doug
From the start i decided to do a post every 2 days. I also don't have a job, giving me more time. I also knew my way around the Wordpress dashboard before getting to WA.
When i blogged about completing the Certification Course in 2 months, some were surprised.
We all have our own levels of knowledge, and learn at different speeds.
This is why you can never answer the question, when do i start earning money?
You WILL get better, the more you write. I also need the money, but i have loads of patience, i know i will get there.
Phil-58 Premium
Hi there Glen
Great story and great post
This is an inspiring story for sure
I can feel your passion to succeed
Lots of people will pick up on that and be greatly motivated as a result of reading this

Best wishes again
gs1954 Premium
Thanks Phil, this last week i just had to write this blog post and the previous one. Sometimes you have this urge to write, and i just let it all come out. If i can help people and tell them about WA, i'm happy.
MKearns Premium
It's a great tool. Just have to constantly use it!
gs1954 Premium
Every day i use it, and learn something. I love WA, can you tell?
PatLemy Premium
Good Job ! Keep your hope up !

gs1954 Premium
Thanks Pat, I'm in for the long haul, time will tell how it works out..
GautamWorld Premium
The pages/posts and comments look great!

gs1954 Premium
Thanks, I'll continue updating each month. Every one's different.
GautamWorld Premium
Sorry. It's best to follow your heart. Google indexes WA blog posts FYI. So, you could win leads from your WA posts.