Can You Make Money Affiliate Marketing?

Last Update: August 07, 2017

Many Premium members will be in the same position as me, 9 months as a member, but no money yet. The question that will be going through your mind, will be 'can you make money with affiliate marketing?

While i was really excited at the start, and started writing content, and going through the Certification Course, i was that excited i missed a few vital points in the training. Maybe you did the same, and i want to talk about what you need to do now.

You Can Make Money With Affiliate Marketing, But You Must Be Taking The Right Steps

My website is in a very competitive niche, but i knew this from the outset. I have still been able to find low competition, low traffic keywords. Sometimes i am lucky enough to find a low competition keyword with hundreds of searches a month. I do have some 1st page listings with Google, but the search volume per month for that keyword are very small(<10 searches a month)

This proves that the training does work, i had no idea about keywords at the start, or about SEO. Over the years this low monthly traffic will add up, to my goal of getting 500 visitors a day to my site. This is not my final goal at all, i would love thousands a day!

My website has 110 posts, at the moment. Search Console shows my average position is 77.5, clicks 4, for the past month! This is woeful, it is mainly WA members and me who visit the site.

What would you do in this position? Some of you would likely quit, and say you can't make money online. But on deeper analysis, the problem is me, and the action i took. Don't blame anybody else, it is likely your fault, for the poor performance.

Last month i went for a doctors checkup, being over the age of 60. I was surprised to see my blood pressure at 160/110. All my life it has been 120/80, a healthy range. Because i had been posting every day for months(on 2 websites-1 per day each), i had been putting too much stress on myself.

I have now backed off, and have a posting schedule of 1 post every 3-4 days, per website. My blood pressure is now back to normal, but i was at fault. This also meant many necessary SEO 'rules' were forgotten, and consequently rankings suffered.

It was only after watching one of Jay's weekly video's, that i realized what i HAD NOT been doing. His 2 weekly video trainings' that are a must see, and a must do, are listed below.

21 Minute Ranking Method In 7 Steps

Giving Old Content A New SEO Life

Since watching the first video, i had been implementing his steps, and they were working well. But on checking every one of my site posts, to my horror, i saw only 15 out of 110 had a meta title and meta description.

No wonder my rankings were poor, i am now setting up a schedule to address this problem. This is why i have no traffic, and therefore no money!

At This Point, Some People Would Give Up, It's All Too Hard.

I just want to warn you, in your haste to create content, DO NOT let good SEO be forgotten. Every post must be done, like in the video-21 Minute Ranking Method In 7 Steps.

The 2nd video steps will be applied to my old posts, which do not have meta titles and meta descriptions.

The other problem i have, is a poor Wealthy Affiliate Review page(the money page). I have always known it was of poor quality, and i am now writing a better one. This is the main money page, so it needs to be great quality content. Although the page has ranked well with the search engines, it's conversion rate would be poor at the moment.

The above 2 problems, a poor 'money page', and poor SEO skills, can lead to the problem that i now have.

Don't Quit, Find Out What's Wrong, And Fix It!

It is not the time to quit, it is time to work hard and change my old posts. SEO has a huge bearing on rankings, so it's my fault where my website sits in the rankings.

If you are like me, and blaming external factors, don't.

Unless you have applied everything in the Training, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Note-After i have updated the SEO on my past posts, i will update this blog post, with my new stats from Search Console.


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samjubayer Premium
Your writing is inspiring. I like it very much.
gs1954 Premium
Thanks samjubayer, i am trying to make people not quit, in their journey to success. If my blog can stop one person from leaving at least, i've made a difference.
I want everyone to keep trying, and never give up.
Cinderella5 Premium
Good read and very informative.
gs1954 Premium
Thanks Cinderella, sometimes we are our own worst enemy, in pursuit of fast money.
DaleMaz Premium
Makes a lot of sense. For sure don't let your health get away because of this
gs1954 Premium
Sometimes your mind pushes you too far, and you think the faster you can create content, the faster you get rankings, the faster you get traffic, and the faster you earn money.
You need to think like a business owner, and do the right things, never forget about SEO. It is so important to get traffic.
I have slowed down, and my posts are better too.
amgolf Premium
You should
Work hard and fast
But not too H A R D !
gs1954 Premium
I was working too fast, now i have got a more laid back attitude-but not too laid back.
MKearns Premium
Yes you can. Great guide!
gs1954 Premium
Poor results are from poor time management.