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Last Update: November 20, 2014

Hallo everyone,

As a part of an exercise at the end of Course #2, Lesson 10, I'm asked to write a blog of the things I've done so far here at WA. Well here it comes.

Recently, as for last week, I subscribed as a free member at WA to see how a on line business can be done. I followed the Level 1 course and did all the tasks required. It was awesome to see how you can build something from scratch to actually a running business, in the form of a website. I followed all the video instructions from Kyle and adapt them inmediatelly on my own website in my own niche. Thanks Kyle.

The thing I find most important in this community is that we all strive for our own goals, financially as well as personally, and yet take care of each other by helping those who has problems in the initiating phase. I have to thank Kyle, Carson and Nathaniel for answering my questions so far, so that I can continue to progress in the achievement of my goals.

As of WA, I find the material very intresting. It is very solid, the videos are easy to follow and the instructions are very clear. I have learned a lot and I recommend everyone who are having any doubt of really pursuing their goals, to follow the videos and complete every task. This weekend I became a Premium Member, because I wanted to learn more about on line marketing, on line business and more about designing a website that really matters to my audience.

My goals for the coming months will be investing more hours in attending the lessons. I study like 3-4 hours a day. I've progressed to Course #3. I've always wanted to have a business like this and now is my chance to make it successfull. Although my background is IT and business administration, I did discover a lot of new things here for which I'm much grateful. It's all about planning, determination and having your goals in mind, since I have 2 kids and I'm studying to become a professional web designer.

If anyone needs my help or wants to know how it is with the courses so far, just write me comment or question. I'll be glad to help in just the way I've been helped so far at WA.

Thanks for reading my blog!

With kind regards,


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katzee Premium
Well done, Gregory. Your offer of help is very much appreciated, too.
I have stalled but trying to get back on track.
Gregory57 Premium
Hi katzee. Thanx for your comment on my first blog here ;-). If there's anything I can help you with, just say so.
katzee Premium
Thanks for your kind offer.....I'm still at the "needing to know what I need to know" stage, if you know what I mean, lol. Seriously, I will be asking questions soon, so will keep your offer in mind.
All the best..............
DWestbury Premium
Great blog, you've certainly been busy, all the best Gregory for the future.
Gregory57 Premium
Thanx guys. I certainly was. There is a lot more to come haha. C U soon.