"YIKES, What's This Sway Link?"

Last Update: Apr 3, 2016


4/3/16 [update] Well, I'll be darned. I just ran into the first Sway I have ever seen in a major search engine result. I did a normal search on a topic on Bing and bingo, I noticed the URL. It was at docs.com where all Sways are hosted. Docs.com is run by Microsoft. Anyway, in the Bing search results was a Sway someone published. Now my post is even more relevant.

Microsoft Sway - Create and share interactive posts, reports, presentations, stories, and more ...

Microsoft sent me an email announcing a new free feature called Sway. It's pretty groovy stuff.

Sway is a lot like putting a PowerPoint presentation as a part of your website.

Very attractive. I think this is a platform which will capture a reader's attention better than scrolling down a web page.

Oh, before I forget, it's free to use. Each Sway I create will also be indexed in the search engines like Bing.

I decided to take Sway for a test drive and created a "tour" of my health website.
You can see that here;

Here is the link to Microsoft's Sway site;
Sway is part of Microsoft Office 360 but you don't need to be running Office to use Sway. It's a stand alone product.

If you are running Windows 10 like me then Microsoft already put a link to Sway in your start menu. Just look for the Sway link in your apps menu.

I woke up one morning and YIKES, "what in the world is this new Sway link?" Glad I found it because it's impressive with many ways to use it for marketing purposes.

Sways are hosted on Microsoft's servers and not on your website so there is no longer a need for optimization. It's done for you. Keyword SEO still applies but there are no meta tags to configure.

Sways are also automatically mobile responsive. It adjusts itself based upon the device the reader is using whether a PC or any mobile device such as a cell phone.

Making a Sway presentation is way easier than drafting a web page or post. You get to focus on adding content instead of all the back office configurations you have to go through when making a page or post.

Each Sway you create is extremely attractive with many design settings to change the look and feel.

Sways are great for adding affiliate links or links back to your products page.

Here are a couple of tips. When adding an image then make sure the pixels are at least 1000 pixels. Smaller than that and you run the risk of ending up with a blurry image.

Be sure to end each Sway with a link back to your website.

There is a search feature for finding images and videos. The search is run through Bing and I'm not all that impressed with Bing results. Better off opening a new window and doing a Google & YouTube search.

There is also a "share" feature so when done with your Sway then you can share about it on social media. It also includes a "share" feature which will put your Sway into the Microsoft Sway directory for inclusion in search results. Sharing doesn't get easier than this.

The possibilities for using Sway for affiliate marketing and supplementing your website design are limited only by your imagination.

Have fun!

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Thanks a lot for shairing this great information I will certainly try this tool on my blog, Cheers, Jeff

Boy this sure captured my imagination. Hope you have a lot of fun with Sway.

It looks interesting

I think you could build an entire website using Sway. Each Sway could be linked to the main Sway or as we call it, the home page. Links to multiple Sways could be placed within the main Sway to sub-Sways containing various sections of the website. Main article topics could be separated into "category" Sways. Things like privacy policy could be given its own Sway as well as contact page.

No more hosting fees. The only question is how long it will take for all the search engines to categorize Sways as important as normal websites since the platform is so new.

Hmmm, I may have to experiment with this.

Thank you Mike.

You are very welcome.

Should we expect tutorials on the use of sway then please?

LOL, no need. Sway comes with some good video tutorials.

I didn't really need the tutorials because using Sway is so very intuitive. It's not complex. Not like website design.

I played with a sample Sway just to get a feel for things. Then I went back to review the tutorials.

Using Sway is like using index cards. You write something on one card then move on to the next. Want a video? Get a new index card and put the video there. Image? Same deal.

Finally, you move all the index cards around until you have them in the order your want.

Fascinating concept.

Grampa Mike, you have been away from the community for a while now. What have been happening to you? This sway is great, and the way you reviewed it, everyone will want to jump on it. I have it on my windows 10, just checked it now. Indeed this is the most beautiful community ever. Love to be part of it.

Hi again, actually I have been here in the community only I have been very quiet.

You can tell by my WA rank. It was nearing top 50 a few weeks ago.

I'm going to retire and hang up my spurs. Leave all the getting rich online to you young folks.

I will still be around until mid-April though.

Thank you, for your help. I will give it a go. Tom.

Hey Tom, great to hear from you!

Originally, I wasn't going to review Sway but someone talked me into it.

Hope you have fun with it.

Take care.

I have gone with it but a lot to learn for this old bugger. Your mate looks a bit worried. Tom.


Wow. This looks pretty interesting. I hadn't heard of it. Thanks!!! BTW, if that's REALLY your library, I'm moving in with you!!!! :-)

LOL, they call me a book worm for a reason.

As an antiquarian book lover, I'd want to move in too!
WOW - love it!

Thank you Mike. This looks like a very useful tool for creating interest on our websites. I will be giving it a try.


The biggest advantage I see is that people are reading our content like a book instead of scrolling down a page.

I think that may keep our reader's attention longer.

This whole thing is new to me too and I haven't figured out all of the power of this new platform.

Sways have the potential of creating better call to action pages and more detailed sales funnels that are more attractive to potential buyers.

I'm looking forward to experimenting with this platform.

Fascinating, Thank you Grandpa Mike. Looks like a massive competitor to WP. Different purposes of course. Your first pass at Sway is impressive. The links to your articles are missing and I'd like to read some of your pacemaker articles. Thanks again. I can see all kinds of uses for Sway.

You will find my pacemaker articles on my home page.

Immediately when you land on the home page then you are presented with a button which links to all the articles.


I wondered what that was! Thanks!

If Microsoft hadn't sent me that email then I probably wouldn't have found Sway in the first place.

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