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Last Update: February 19, 2016

The Truste folks who issue the Truste certification seal you see on websites has issued the following statement;

If your websites or apps attract European users you must adhere to the requirements of the EU Cookie Directive - not complying exposes you to unnecessary risk.

Not only do you need to worry about regulator enforcement and consumer expectations, but Google AdSense policy now requires all advertisers on their network to comply with EU cookie consent policy.

How do you comply? If your website serves traffic to anyone in the EU, you must obtain consent in order to comply.

Download the EU Cookie Directive Solutions Brief to see your consent options. Takeaways include:

  • Examples of best–practice solutions
  • Tools to create a plan to ensure compliance quickly
  • Learn how to avoid costly warnings and fines
  • How to win the trust of European consumers
  • Overview of TRUSTe's Cookie Consent Manager solution

You can also watch a 3 minute video that shows how TRUSTe can help you address the EU Cookie Directive.

For more information, contact a Privacy Consultant at 888-878-7830 today.


The TRUSTe Team

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Fgonzaga Premium
Thank you for the information. I not in that market currently, but that is good to know for future reference. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Fred
mijareze Premium
Thank you Mike. I added a plugin to each of my sites a couple of months ago. I didn't want to take a chance.
ZEGU Premium
Very informative. Thank you so much.
chuckmuir Premium
Wow! whoever would have thought that chocolate-chip cookies could create such a stir! Good info, Thanks so much for sharing this. Very important!
GinaGo Premium
Okay, on your advice I finally took care of it and installed the cookie consent plugin. Thanks! ~Gina