Power 5 T system for success

Last Update: March 11, 2017

What will you explain this 'power 5 T system' for your success with Online business?

Greeting from Central region of Thailand.

Please allow me play around a little bit, the the presentation of group work in my training which just finished. We assigned group work to working together to explain " how did they implement there children development project and come up with their success?" It's group work for 45 minutes. One conditions of presentation was, group have to answer with less text in the answer, as much as possible.

Once they've done they presented to a large group: I really love this presentation, it's is very colorful, beautiful and the group made this poster did it with full heart to make the best and ready to share, discuss and drawing in the group and came up with this nice and beautiful poster. So, I should not keep this alone, so I would like to share with you for your relaxation.

'Power 5 T system' was remind me about working here, It's seems we have all of those 'Team, Teach, Talk, Test, and Time' Each of us may have different context but I believe you can explain in your style. Which might be fun.



Teach -

Test -

Time -

Do you think this power 5 T system can help lead to success?

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jtaienao Premium
It absolutely can. Thanks for sharing this Goson.
Goson Premium
Thanks so much Jerome, for your comment & stopping by.
salma33 Premium
very nice .. yes all this here in W.A..
Goson Premium
Thanks Salma, for your comment and stopping by.
DariusTanBR Premium
Goson Premium
ContentBySue Premium
Absolutely, Goson. We do that every day here. I like seeing it laid out like you showed us though.
Goson Premium
Thanks Sue, I think so, that's why when I saw this poster I thought about WA community.
KiwiGeorge Premium
Team...us, WA members and support
Talk...Chat room
Teach... Cert course
Test...Feedback & Comments
Time... In your own time

We all know it does!
Goson Premium
ํYes, thank you so much, that is Great George.