Privacy?? What privacy?There is no such thing

Last Update: Dec 10, 2014


Sorry my WA friends, I just have to vent.

I am not too happy with one of the 2 banks that I deal with, so I went to open a chequing and a savings account at Credit Union. As I was making appointment (in person) to get this done, they mentioned that they are going to do a CREDIT CHECK!!!! Say, what? I was only going to use this account for my pay to go into because it's in the city where I live now.

I am not asking for a loan, a mortgage, line of credit. Nothing like that. Just a simple chequing account. I use another bank for everything else. And they want to do a credit check....seriously???

Do we not constantly hear how important our privacy is??? Yeah, important for everyone to know what is private. It's just dawning on me that "your privacy is important" really means, it's important that we know all about you.

I am so peeved off, I am not going to open an account there.

Thank you for listening.

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amen. I am fed up with my banks too. I could rant like this about every day lol.

LOL. Yup. Me too. Thanks Angela

I hear you there Gordi, I had the same thing happen to me when I opened a checking account at a Credit Union, The privacy we have we have to pay for and its still not private.

Very true, Kim. Seems like the more we talk about it, the less of it we actually have.

Guess that would be annoying, but I never really thought about it too much. I know too many people that repeatedly ran amuck with their checking accounts, with us suffering the consequences. By them leaving the banks high and dry, we all have to go through the credit check process. It's a shame, but that's big business, and small business, too. Good post.

I understand that there are irresponsible people there, Donna. It's just that last I heard banks are making record profits off of the money we put there. I can understand it if I was borrowing money, but I wasn't.

Yep, that's my point, too. It's just wrong.

The banks want to take every precaution to protect themselves from the little person, so that they can gamble it all away on dodgy deals and fat bonuses and pensions. Then the taxpayer will bail them out. At least that is what happens here in Ireland, and Europe generally.

I couldn't agree with you more, Con!!! Exactly right, and it's probably even worse in USA than in Europe. It's the hard working middle class that bails out fat cats

Hi Gordi, I find the same problem when I receive phone calls from certain places. They ring me and then ask me to verify who I am for their security purposes, shouldn't it be the other way around! The world has truly gone mad. Lis.

Right on, Lis. How are you my friend? Loooong time no hear!

Its a bit like orwell"s book "animal farm "isnt it and Orwell 1984 scary. However there are other forces other than human[i dont mean ET'S] are in control of us humans.And they are turning everything upside down which is really the right way up! So....we arent that smart and we are not in command,we just think we are haha

There IS no privacy these days and especially with all the data being online and so accessible. It's only going to get worse as technology gets better.

I am afraid you are right, Debbi. Thanks for reading

It has never made sense to me when you aren't requesting money, why someone would require a credit check. I had a bank require one for me to access online check depositing.

Exactly my point. Not to mention if they are worried about the money, they know exactly what I am doing anyways, so WTF, pardon my french

It does seem ridiculous that they need to do a credit check to open a basic checking account...not sure if they do that every where or not, since I've had the same one for ages, but I'd be irritated too if they'd do a credit check for that.

Seems a person has to have a credit check for everything nowadays...even car insurance goes by it here although I thought they aren't supposed, it seems our so called "privacy" means instead that its something everybody else and their grandma needs to know.

Sorry to start ranting a bit, I guess the way they make things so complicated to do something that used to be simple just irritates me, lol. Good luck in finding a new bank, BTW.
Best wishes :) -Sherry

I was ranting too, Sherry. Glad to have some company! That was my whole point: I wasn't looking to borrow any kind of money, just have a simple chequing account. Gees, nothing is simple any more!

Only a hermit who does not have a business, or interact with others in any way, and lives off the grid has privacy today.

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