My Dream Referral in Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: August 17, 2019

Who is your dream referral in Wealthy Affiliate?

In my previous post here in my WA blog, I mentioned about pre-qualifying prospects. I got amazed to different views expressed in the comments, some agreed to my post while others injected their different point of view.

While I agree with others that it is not our job to qualify or pre-qualify people, and that it is the system's role to convince those people on our behalf, I still believe that in order to fast track your success here as an affiliate for WA (affiliate boot camp), you have to target the right people for this.

What I mean is, there's really an ideal prospect for recruiting the perfect WA recruiter.

I apologize for using this term "recruiting" as my previous industry is network marketing or multi-level marketing, but that's the easy description of the person who's so sold-out with the WA opportunity and is very energetic in bring people to here.

I see myself as an energetic WA recruiter someday.

The perfect WA recruiter that I am referring to, is that person who likes working with his laptop online. The person who likes to work from home online instead of going out, traveling to territories making sales or doing field work.

I said this because, several times I conversed with some top earners in network marketing and after that chat, I got the conclusion that even though they're talented in sales, they're not for WA. I'm sorry to say this, it's not being judgmental, I'm just being realistic.

I'll give you one example...

My former upline in network marketing loves sales. At first, you might think he's a perfect candidate to become an energetic recruiter for the WA affiliate boot camp, but the truth is, he's not. The reason is, he finds what we're doing here boring, and he'd rather prefer action out there doing home meetings or speaking on stage in a hotel conference.

He can be a top earner, but not here in WA.

And there's another one...

A law enforcer who's out in the field most of the time. He's interested in creating a second source of income, and with his desire to earn extra, he's magneted to business and investment opportunities that he can do part-time.

What appeals to him much is the type of opportunity wherein there's minimal effort on his part, like just putting money in an investment and wait for the return on investment, or bringing some friends to an network marketing event and letting the company speakers speak on his behalf.

And when I explained that in order for him to see good results with WA, he needs to publish content regularly a.k.a. blogging, it was met with cold response. Perhaps he's imagining how an elite member of the police force would perform in this business, when most of the time he's in the mountains hunting rebels and insurgents here in the Philippines.

Several weeks have passed, the issue is still in my mind.

"How could I recruit people to here the same people IveTriedThat or EricCantu have recruited?"

Going back to Eric's website for promoting boot camp, or to Jerry's affiliate site, I got this idea that they're able to recruit the perfect people for this because, their sites have targeted the right people for this.

Try visit their sites, like Eric's "Work From Your Laptop . com" website. You will have an idea of what I'm talking about.

"People who desire more money & more personal freedom, by working on their laptops or desktop PCs, blogging & working on the Internet, working from home."

Not all people desire that lifestyle, but I am very sure, there's a group of people who desire exactly that lifestyle or workstyle that I described. And they're my dream referrals in Wealthy Affiliate.

And it's time to get that person!

How about you? What's yours? Who's your dream referral in Wealthy Affiliate? Please share through our commenting system below.

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brileehi Premium
I think you make a great point here. It's definitely something to remember. There are always certain people who are simply your most likely clients. Best wishes to you.

Dhind1 Premium
Ideal referral - great concept. I am certain my ideal referral is someone who wants to collaborate and asks questions.

I work better under pressure and collaboration and questions force me to get things done.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Excellent Post Coach! You are spot on with your examples, you have to target the right people in the right niche for this to work:)

accad Premium
It's really difficult to identify these people. Even the people themselves may not know that they are qualified and capable or not. I myself is my example because I love to do it but the how and the knowledge to do it is a great challenge to me.
GomMagtibay Premium
Like an iceberg, easy on the surface, but when you sit down and start working on it, it's not that easy. But I got a pointer from one of the respondents here... Just put out content targeting these people. They will find their way to here.
accad Premium
That's the only way, let them determine themselves, they are the ones to decide.
cld111 Premium
It is the big question, and one I'm constantly trying to perfect myself. I think you just have to keep putting out content, see what works and what doesn't. What brings people in and what causes them to click off of your page.

I do think it helps to have someone who enjoys writing since there's so much of it. Someone who loves to learn and loves to continue learning new things and doesn't get too overwhelmed by it all. Someone who's patient and willing to continue working even if it seems like nothing's happening.

But I think those kind of people find their way here and they're the ones who stick around.

- Christina
GomMagtibay Premium
Exactly. People with those virtues are the ones I'm looking for. And maybe you're right. Just keep on posting the content that we think are being sought out by those people, they will find their way to here. Thanks!