Prayers For Lost Lives

Last Update: July 17, 2014

I know that this is a business forum but I felt compelled to write this post about today's events.

I want to send prayers and condolences to all of the families who lost loved ones on the Malaysia Airlines flight that went down in the Ukraine today. As the finger pointing goes on as to who is behind this horrid event, I think we all bear the grief for those innocent civilians that have lost their lives in the midsts of the angry fighting that continues to work on braking up the Ukraine.

I don't understand the anger that has erupted in today's world. The hatred that drives people to kill others, for no apparent reason. I don't understand the crazed leaders who seek to rule by their warped ideologies. I don't understand their barbaric, inhumane and careless actions. I just don't understand......

I can only hope and pray that we, as inhabitants of this planet, can find a way to live life in peaceful coexistence. Alas, I think this will not be the path for us at this time. There is too much anger on the planet. Too much unknowing by those who think they are leaders. One man can say, "do this" and others who are fearful and lost find it easy to follow. Strength is lacking and self-knowing is almost non-existent. We are so willing to follow as it is easier to follow then to lead with morality and integrity.

Do you believe in peaceful coexistence?

Prayers for those who where on the ill-fated flight today and their families.


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OSherrie Premium
Thank you Ginger for the friendly reminder. We all get so busy sometimes we don't take time to sit and have a loving prayer for the unfortunate ones in our world. God Bless you Ginger and everyone who has had a loss. My prayers are with them and their family's.
JennPGD Premium
Thank you very much, Ginger. I'm most grateful for this beautiful article. I was just able to say my piece too after a long grief and I hope WA doesn't mind that piece of article. Prayers continue.

Jenn (of Netherlands and Malaysia)
Trialynn Premium
Prayers are freely given. I understand some of the reasons these things happen, greed is the most prominent one, but I do not understand how people can reach such a level of greed that they kill for it~

I love peaceful coexistence! Even when I do not agree with everything represented by others.
apache1 Premium Plus
I agree Greed take's hold far too often from all sides not just one. Until we can find a way unfortunately more will be lost along the way.
judebanks Premium
Thank you, Ginger, for your post. I had similar thoughts while listening to the news of this shocking event. Well stated. ~ Jude
apache1 Premium Plus
Yes may the Lord take hold of their hands and guide them back to the land of peace in Heaven.

It is a terrible tragedy and comes home stronger even more when some of your friends were on board.

It is not me but to one of our members here who i consider a very good and close person in Christ and that is where is hurts me the most to feel their sadness and loss.

I have not asked for permission to mention their name so I will leave it to them to say should they wish to add further even though they already stated it recently but it was overlooked by many.

This person has already received my prayers not only for their lost but also my prayers go out to the family of this persons friends along with the other people on board.

To the people of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 may our prays send some comfort to your friends and family, may they know that you now are resting in peace and are with the Lord who is with you always. Amen

Thank you Ginger for sharing this I believe it is most appropriate to do so under the circumstances. Bless you for thinking of them as well.