Great article on evergreen content to drive traffic to your blog

Last Update: November 14, 2015

I just stumbled upon this great post on the types of evergreen content that will drive traffic to your blog in the long run. Thought I might share it here.

In essence, the article lists 24 types of evergreen content that never gets old and as such should be on your list of content types to write for your blog.

1. Case Studies
2. Stats and Data
3. Product Reviews
4. The History of Something
5. How To Guides
6. Beginner’s Guides
7. Curate Content
8. Lists
9. Top Tips for People to Understand Your Industry
10. Best Practices
11. Checklists
12. Reference Books in Your Market
13. Rethink a Common Viewpoint
14. Refresh and Update Old Content
15. Definitions, Glossaries, Acronyms
16. Attack a Sub-Niche
17. Series of Tutorials
18. Strategies for Common Problems
19. Famous People Interviews
20. Failure Stories
21. Your Success Story
22. Storytelling
23. Encyclopedia Entries
24. Pros and Cons of Something

This helps me tremendously in varying my content types, hope it can help you plan your posts too.

More in-depth explanations can be found in the original post:

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Ruthchicago Premium
Thanks Gin...this is really helpful!
ginax Premium
Hey Ruth, so nice to hear that! It helps me a lot for content planning :)
RoopeshG Premium
Hi Van. This list already gave me some ideas for new post.Gonna bookmark it.
ginax Premium
Hey it's my pleasure! Hopefully it can help you too :)
Martstervt Premium
Thanks for this Gin I will note book for future reference

ginax Premium
Hey Marty, you're most welcome! Hope it helps.
Noteboom Premium
Very good ideas, thank you
ginax Premium
You're most welcome!
AlexEvans Premium
That is a real good list , which will come in very handy . Especially when you are struggling to find ideas for content .Thank you for sharing.
ginax Premium
Indeed it helps me a lot with ideation! And you are most welcome :) Hope it can help your blog too.