Google AdSense - Now Ready to Go!

Last Update: August 27, 2017

A few weeks ago I posted that Google declined my registration to having an AdSense account for what I think was based around insufficient content. It left me a little flat but I had some great support from the WA community, so thank you!

Next step was to ramp up my page content and to write a new post targeting a minimum of 3,000 words. Mission accomplished on my post and one of my 4 main pages has increased content, still work in progress on the other remaining 3 pages,.

I then sent a request to Google for AdSense registration and approval....and within 24 hours I was approved!

Moral of the story is content and quality of the content is so important, I really get that step is to figure out how to include advertising on my site, so I'll go back to my WA training to get my head around the technical aspects.

Until next time.....Oh yes and have a great week a head!

Cheers Gina

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ValerieJoy Premium Plus
That's great news Gina. Congratulations to you :)
GinaMor1 Premium
Thank you Valerie!
spurway Premium Plus
congratulation well done
@RICH. Premium
I recommend you install the Header > Footer plugin and then go to Settings > Header and Footer and insert the Adsense verification code into the Head Section injection panel.

I'd also suggest using a plugin, either Ad Inserter or WP Quads

Nate has done some training on Ad Inserter here: You might also want to consider Adsense Invalid Click Protector to stop click bombs.
GinaMor1 Premium
Brilliant, thank you so much for your assistance!