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Hi my name is Dora. I have been thinking of doing this for too many years. Thinking and not doing! So my new moto is JUST DO IT! I really want to do this and do it well. I am determined more than anything. I'm looking forward to learning and meeting others through WA. I want to be able to give up my full time job. I live in Sydney Australia.
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abzhr Premium
Hi Dora, nice to know you and be my friend. Be success
patbham Premium
Welcome to WA, the trick to this is to be patient and keep at it. I stated a note book and I have 3x5 cards stuck all over my monitor , my office is a War Room. I am new at this but I can see what I do not get in the lesson plans I go to the Forum and look for the same question that some other member submitted, or I submit my question my self. I am always amazed how every one is so helpful. I also see what use to take me days to do I now do in a moment so I see once I get all my ducks in a row I can repeat the process with speed. You will see this also and become a professional, become so successful that your present job will be nothing but a memory. A memory of when you where not making real money and did not like what you where doing.
enterprise Premium
Hi Dora, I am new to this too. a lot of info to retain but with your attitude you should do fine. I wish you success and feel free to visit my space and say hi. Jack B