Is Social Networking still a little disconnected in your mind?

Last Update: March 30, 2016

Don't worry. We're all at different levels when understanding how to use social media. For some, it's very natural and others it's a bit more counter intuitive. Me personally, I like to write rather than talk - that's just what I'm comfortable with.

So I decided to use social networks to promote my business, but where do I start? Just through a tweet or a like out in the ether and wonder if someone will respond? Didn't sound like a plan to me. So I went out searching for ideas.

Of course, setting up Facebook or Instagram pages is one thing, and I found that was the easiest part. But getting engagement was my quest.

Being the organize junkie that I am, i decided to block out time on my daily schedule for exactly what I needed to do. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas for your own schedule.

Each day, I go to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+, and my sites to respond to any comments or questions from my audience. I want to give the absolute best customer service that I can.

Then I make sure I engage first with others (that's only fair, right?) I've joined several forums in my niches and offer advice, comments, start up a topic that might either piss them off or make them laugh- both work well. I try to like 5 topics from others, leave comments on 3 other pages (competitors or popular places for my audience). Share 3 links of a blog post I liked. And post on my own Facebook page 3 times a day.

Twitter is a bit different but I want to tweet at least 3 times a day, retweet relevant tweets for my audience, and respond to at least 3 tweets.

Pinterest, G+, and Instagram might have similar activities depending on my niche.

Sounds like a lot of work? Yes it is. Do I have to still find time to tweak my sites and write content? Yes I do. But these activities arer BUILT in to my schedule so I have no excuse not to do it. It keeps me on track and I feel like I've accomplished something everyday.

On another note, it's also very important to schedule lunch, dog walk, exercise, or whatever starts your tractor. I even do some photography on my breaks so I have something original to add to my sites.

So what about you? What's your blocked out schedule look like each day?

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BBR913 Premium
Boy! You are organized! It's wonderful to be able to fit so much into a day! Just ensure you have "me time" as well!
My best to you!! Bernie
Sui_generis Premium
It sounds like you have a full day. My schedule isn't quite as organized but you're an inspiration. ~Debbi
KatieMac Premium
It has taken me sometime to get my head around social media so I try and spend 30 mins each day sharing or adding
Lorac Premium
Interesting. I like to hear about other's schedules as I have yet to get into a good groove with social media. :)
JudeP Premium
Great points and reminders, thank you :)