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Hi Folks!I see we’re all helping each other by providing comments on our websites. That’s why I love this community; very supportive environment!It got me thinking about what are the goals for leaving comments? That might seem like a ‘no duh’ question but those are the ones I like to analyze. Maybe we’re missing an opportunity to fine tune the impact that comments can make. When we’re asked to provide comments to WAer’s websites, what is the style, cont
Don't worry. We're all at different levels when understanding how to use social media. For some, it's very natural and others it's a bit more counter intuitive. Me personally, I like to write rather than talk - that's just what I'm comfortable with. So I decided to use social networks to promote my business, but where do I start? Just through a tweet or a like out in the ether and wonder if someone will respond? Didn't sound like a plan to me. So I went out searching for ideas. Of course, sett
Instagram is currently testing and reviewing feedback on their change in how they display photos. They won't implement without announcing it but for us web-o-philes, it's important to plan ahead. So far, this is what it might look like for us. I'm sure more detailed updates will be released after I post this blog.Now at first we're hearing how it will increase a user's experience and get them relevant information based on their social network relationships. It wants to show you images on what
Here are some great instructions I found that will help you with the following:If you have a Genesis framework website, with a Studiopress Child Theme, AND you want to have a newsletter optin widget that looks like your child theme and not an add-on.....well here ya go. Follow the direction in this PDF and it will walk you through the scary parts of adding the HTML code you'll need to accomplish a nice looking optin form.
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“You HAVE to be a pushy and a stereotypically, salesy person with questionable ethics to make it in this business!” What if you’re not aggressive enough? What if you don’t shove the product down your audiences’ throat, will you make that sale?You may have heard (or even thought) it takes a certain kind of person to make it in affiliate marketing.Not true!I’ve learned that customers or clients are attracted to people who have the same style and values as they
That's right gang, I've decided to take the plunge and quit the security of my full time job - and health insurance - and doing digital marketing full time! That's the biggest stress I'm feeling right now is paying for my own insurance. Paying my bills places a close second in stress levels. Go figure. Anyone out there have insurance tips for the self employed? Thanks for all the support to help me with this decision. I'm really looking forward to see where the new adventure leads me.
The latest version of Filezilla also downloads malware called Binkiland. It will highjack all browser types and try to go to its website when you launch the browser. It's very annoying and hard to get rid of. Please be careful until Filezilla remediates the problem. I know we all have close relationships with our browsers. Thank you Filezilla for this nice little gift :-(
February 16, 2015
I decided to upgrade from monthly premium to yearly premium. Why? I get so much from the community and training here at Wealthy Affiliate and thought it was a great investment for my business. Also, I'm looking for yet another tool to keep me focused and motivated. By paying in advance, I know I'm too frugal to let it go to waste! I'll be sure to keep working on my website at least a little each day while I keep my day job. Thank you everyone for all the help you provide each other; this is suc