This is so freaking difficult, until.

Last Update: April 05, 2017

Internet marketing will make you crazy! Hours upon hours of writing and learning with nothing to see for it. Many never make any further than that. My younger days of wanting immediate results cements an understanding of their behavior. I don't blame them, for I was the same way. I failed to see the value of putting time into activities that didn't give me something I wanted right now.

Life forces change and I'm not anymore immune to that truth than anyone else. However, seeing the value inherent in putting effort into something you believe in doesn't always make the path easier. At least not for me.

For all you members and perhaps non WA members who want to know more, I'm here to expose the rewards of patience and continued effort.

You're going to want to give up, that's ok. Don't.

You're going to hit walls that seem impermeable to every action. Keep trying.

If you see others having success, you can do it too. It won't be easy.

But it will break!

You'll get a point where posts hit page 1 with near immediate resluts. I'm finding that to be true on my fishing site these days. I've been at it hard, soft, and not at all since December, 2015.

Once you start experiencing those kind of results on a post by post basis, things start to get exciting. Your traffic grows with each post until it expands exponentially.

I'm watching those high rankings daily, but have yet to see the big boom in growth. There's still a lot of work left to do, but I believe in it. I pushed through some tough times, and neither Kyle nor Carson have lied to me yet. Or anyone else as far as I can see.

So I tell you it works, but only if you work. Doubt is the enemy my friends and fellow members. It'll be infused in your writing and it will show through. Find that light of belief before you write. Find it everyday. It will inspire your readers.

Don't let the struggles of life sway you from your path. This is a business, but work is also an escape. And nothing good ever came to anyone who just gave up. If you feel like you've given it your all and it's just not working, you have a serious question that only you can answer. Are you lying to yourself or not? If find that deep down you are not, I get it. It's time to move on. Life holds many wonderful adventures outside Affiliate Marketing.

If you discover you are making excuse, I get that too. It's time to suck it up, and move forward. Listen instead of know....and learn. Start over if you have to.

I wish the best for you all and hope to hear if you can relate at all to what I'm saying. I'm sure others would appreciate hearing from more than just me.

Keep the faith and keep on trucking. Geoff.

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Dmorrow Premium
Great encouragement and so very true! Thanks.

GeoffGS Premium
AGOgden Premium
...keep on pushin'...
GeoffGS Premium
You too. Thanks.
jtaienao Premium
Thanks for the words of encouragement Geoff.
GeoffGS Premium
My pleasure. My wi fi is out until I pay the bill tonight. Might as well give some energy to you all. You deserve it.
brandonacox Premium
Just wait for the "long tail." Most of your competitors will have given up already. :)
GeoffGS Premium
Well I've been working and waiting this long. Sounds good to me.:)
MKearns Premium
Everything in life is an obstacle course to be conquered!
GeoffGS Premium
It sure is.