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Last Update: May 04, 2020

A lot has happened through these past few months.. On March 13, was my children's last day of school.. Home school was definitely a game changer for me, shopping for food in my area was complicated due to our state on lockdown since March 23rd.. And not to mention above all else, my anxiety flared up trying to teach my children from home, getting cleaning done at home and trying to make a career for myself here at WA! Even though we remain on lockdown, I'm trying to stay positive and still have a hope for our beautiful state.. And hopefully I found my groove on keeping the kids home school schedule in tacked and still be able to create contents for my site.

I have to say, I have missed you all and my site so much..Two months was too much too long! Wish me luck everyone!

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Xoda Premium
Best of luck to you!! It's a stressful time, maybe try meditation ! It's my recommended way of healthily coping with all this (: also welcome back!

megawinner Premium
I say, welcome back!
Mick18 Premium
Welcome back. These times have definitely been a challenge. Stay safe.
I wish you all the best,
EddySalomon Premium
I can totally relate to some of the things you've gone through during this rona lockdown. It's been both a trying and yet beautiful time for my family despite being in the epicenter here in NY.

Everyone has to deal with it in different ways. I've actually been more focused on my business. And this is a perfect time for personal growth. So I'm glad to see you focused on you.
Mjhardin Premium
i understand how you feel this has definitely been a challenge for me to. Things are starting to get a little better here in Indiana hopefully they are for you to hang in there and stay safe