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Last Update: Jul 3, 2020

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Hello everyone! Today is my 3rd day with WA and I feel like I am on the right track. I have never been a patient person and the Universe is teaching me patience. I was all Gung Ho and thinking I would make sales the first few days I was with the program. I can now see that this is not how things are set up.

I realize I have to work the program and follow the training before things start happening for me. I am definitely learning patience. I looked at my stats today and I am getting some clicks to my site (which is very exciting to me). I am hoping that as I progress through the training that it will teach me how to set up some products on my site to be able to sell since my main niche is reading (Suspense/Thriller/Mystery).

I am realizing I have to slow down and take it step by step. I want to zoom into the world but am having to hold back and follow the training. If you have any suggestions for my site, please dont hesitate to give them to me. Check me out at Any and all help is appreciated.

Have a blessed day!


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Hi Gena, just dropping by to thank you for the Thumbs Up of my response to AbieAJ's post on going to Jay's class.

I see you have a website that's starting to get traffic.
And heard your name at class yesterday, Jay said "you are a famous person".
I bet your mind is really excited to replay the previous classes in the current series and Apply it to capture an email list and the other 10 things Jay listed yesterday.
Glad to see you at class. Please be sure and share Live Events Jay's classes with others as WA who haven't attended, after awhile you can sort of tell who these might be. There is even an email link you can send to people you know, so that they could sample a class or more than one, if you send them the link.
The link is located on the actual page for the class. Look for it.
I hear that if you get 3 people to yearly and premium sign-up, that would pay for you tuition, for instance at the Black Friday single payment rate of $299. Hope that I made enough sense here.

Have a Blessed weekend!

Slow and steady ...

Hey Gena, great understanding and you are so right patience is key but well worth it. Phil

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