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Last Update: November 26, 2019

Hello all,

It is with sadness that I am going to have to pass on this year's renewal. I am up for renewal over this special bonus week-end. For many, probably most members here, it's your very special time of Thanksgiving. In a similar vein, I am thankful and grateful for the time I have had here at WA. I have met many wonderful and beautiful people, and for that I am also truly grateful.

In truth, this year has been a tough year for me and have not been able to do any work on my WA journey. I have learned much (and probably forgotten a whole lot too - use it or lose it comes to mind).

Not making excuses at all. I am responsible for the choices and decisions I make, however, after my wife lost her job, I had to find something that was going to pay the bills immediately and that something ended up consuming 60 hours plus a week of my time. Something new and completely different for me, which has subsequently developed to something more permanent.

Right now (literally), we are working through loss which is raw and recent - my wife's mother passed away last night (our time).

So right now, I guess things are a little foggy but it's also renewal time and that is a pretty hard and fast timeline, so that makes it decision time for me.

As I say, my membership has become due and at the present moment I just don't have the spare funds to fork out approximately $450 AUD (depending on exchange rate at the time of pushing the button) for my membership. The funds may have to be used for a trip back home.

I know for me to come back, I have to come back as premium member, something I have no problem doing. WA is an awesome group and platform of learning. It really is!

When leaving though, what happens to my sites? What do I do with these and how long do I have to do it?

I wish I was writing an "I quit" message saying I quit my ambassadorship which I read recently, but it really is "I quit" my membership at WA.

If you'd like to keep in touch, please do feel free to PM me and I'll gladly share my email address with you.

Thank you everyone for your love and support so readily shared here on this platform. You are all brilliant and awesome - continue being so!

Lastly, probably should have been first and foremost, thank you Kyle and Carson for your amazing platform that you have created here for folk to learn and grow their on-line businesses with. Thank you!

Take care all - Gary xo

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laparra1 Premium
Good evening Gary,

As Keisha has said if possible do take this Black Friday deal, it is the cheapest deal ever.
I hope you can stay but if not I wish you all the best on your new journey, stay happy and healthy.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
gcd Premium
Hello Taetske,

You're a lovely friend and lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your note.
I totally understand that it's a great deal and agree with you totally. Unfortunately the timing is just not in my favour right now.

I have your address so would love to keep in touch.

Take care of yourself
laparra1 Premium
Please do Gary,

All the best, Taetske
keishalina Premium
hi Gary --- appreciate you letting us know of your need to depart for a wee while ... life! ....

With regards to your websites ---

Generally, when you leave WA, for all Site-rubix (sub-domain) websites -- stays here as these are WA sub-domains & owns them.

For your own websites with top level domains that you have purchased --- when you leave WA you generally have 30 days to remove the site and seek hosting elsewhere. Remember you will most likely have to pay for hosting elsewhere; whereas, here at WA hosting is included for Premium members.

Should you have issues nearing the end date, surely Kyle or Carson would help you out --- 30 days is considered sufficient time for re-locating to another host provider.

Should you change your mind, you'd be welcomed back! ... and bring your sites back with you!

All the very best to you and your family ---

.... *(and by the WAy, while the Black Friday special requires a 'pay-it-forward' payment of one year at 299. usd -- it is the best value going at 0.82 cents a day is what it works out to -- less than the cost of a cuppa coffee! .... and you're grandfathered in!)
gcd Premium
Thank you for your detailed reply, Keisha as well as your well wishes. Very much appreciated.

I know what an awesome deal the Black Friday special is. It pains me to have to pass on it. It really is a great deal. As I said to Taetske, it's just unfortunately that the timing is not the best for me right now. But thank you.

Take care and all the best
brichnow21 Premium Plus
Gary, I too have had many "other things", which have kept me from really being focused on my site.
One thing's for sure, at least I believe it, ...
WA is not going away!
Maybe, one year, maybe 5, but when you're ready to " Get back to your dream", WA will be right there!
Best in navigating these rough times, Gary. "This, too, shall pass."
Best! Barb
gcd Premium
Barb, you're the best. Thank you for your response.

Yes, I know. Funny enough, that's a mantra of mine too "This, too, shall pass!". I know it will and when I am ready, I'll be back. I have loved my time here at WA

Take care
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Your website data is kept in a hidden file. When you return ask Site Support to reopen them.

Please also send Kyle and Carson a PM telling them of your situation. I am sure they will understand and will help you reintegrate into WA with your previous websites when you return.

There is one situation you need to be aware of. If you have a personal domain you must renew it at the end of the subscription period. Usually it is a year if that is what you paid for. If your domain expires, it will be lost forever.

I suggest making a backup of your website content and saving that file on your computer HD.

I am so sorry to hear about your situation. When I went through unemployment just before the last Great Recession I had to give up many important things like life insurance policies that I cannot afford now.

Sorry also for the loss in your family.

I wish you well as you work hard to recover from your economic situation.

All the best to you.

brichnow21 Premium Plus
He'll be back!! This stuff's addictive!!
gcd Premium
Better believe it :-)

Thanks Barb!
gcd Premium
Edwin, thank you. You've shared a lot of information here. Thank for your help and advice and thank you for your empathetic ear. I appreciate you sharing. You get it :-)

Thank you too for your well wishes.

All the best
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
May the new year bring you prosperity andand blessings.
gcd Premium
Here's hoping Jerry. Thank you.

Wishing you all the very, very best next your too.

Take care