You Won't Get Results If You Don't Try

Last Update: June 23, 2020

I suppose you could say the story I am about to tell could be classed in a number of ways, it could be called luck, it could be called "making things right", it could be down to the law of attraction. Call it what you will, my point is it happened.

In the UK there has been a long-running saga about banks and major sales outlets other types of companies mis-selling PPI (payment protection insurance).

Sometime last year we were made aware that the PPI claims time limit was coming to an end and no more claims would be investigated. Even though, we didn't think we would get anything back as we could not remember signing anything to do with PPI we made a claim.

Up until yesterday we had completely put it out of our mind as a "See Didn't Think So" scenario and a "Things Like This Never Benefit Us" kind of attitude,

Well I wish you could all see my smiley face as I write this... looks something like this...

Yesterday we received a cheque from the PPI company for just over £5000 (roughly US $6200).

So the point is if we hadn't tried even though we never thought it would work in our favour, we would be sat here this morning without that money. What a RESULT.

And the same goes for this affiliate marketing business, if we don't TRY, even though sometimes we may think "This will not work for us, we are not that lucky", we will not get any RESULTS.

Try, put in the effort and stake a claim to your business, you just never know it may just be YOUR lucky day.

I hope this encourages you to take action and if you do you may well be pleasantly surprised.

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LMH1968 Premium Plus
Congratulations Gaz.
I’m very pleased for you.
My parents got a few thousand
As well 😊
JohaneG Premium
Great post.
Samiluvly Premium
Great story and great motivation for so many who may be in doubt. Continue to be positive and blessed. Here's to success!!!
davehayes Premium
Great story and to clarify in case I missed something, this came from PPI miselling?
GazBower Premium
Correct Dave, I obviously didn't make that point clearly enough.
The PPI refund was the only reason we received the money.
Even so it was great to get the money that we didn't expect, as it was done with the attitude of what have we got to lose by giving it a go.
And that is the point I was trying to get across.

I you don't even try you don't get.

Best wishes and stay safe.
davehayes Premium
Absolutely you hit the nail on the head Gaz, but nice result though
GazBower Premium
Thank you Dave, I have edited the post to clarify the point.
Best wishes
davehayes Premium
No worries, and you are right you can apply this to Affiliate Marketing
LatinNomad Premium
Great news Gary. I did this a few years ago. Thank you for the motivation to start my day here.