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Hello friends and WA family. Today marks my one year membership of WA. To say it has been an eventful year is such an understatement, the events of the last 6 months alone have been unprecedented in my 60 odd years. However, this has been offset somewhat by the things I have learnt and the friendships I have made. So I want to thank you all for the help and encouragement that you have given. There are too many to mention by name and if I did I would be upset if I missed someone out. I am talkin
I suppose you could say the story I am about to tell could be classed in a number of ways, it could be called luck, it could be called "making things right", it could be down to the law of attraction. Call it what you will, my point is it happened.In the UK there has been a long-running saga about banks and major sales outlets other types of companies mis-selling PPI (payment protection insurance).Sometime last year we were made aware that the PPI claims time limit was coming to an end and no m
Hello, Good Morning, Good Evening or Good Night... Delete as applicable.Just want to share that I got a notification this morning to say I have achived another milestone in my WA journey.I have moved into the Top 200 within the WA rankings having achieved 188.I have to say, that it is only because of the interaction I have with the wonderful people of this community. The support and friendship you all show is greatly appreciated.I enjoy reading about your part of the journey we are all on and I
As a newcomer to Wealthy Affiliate I have started to open my mind to ideas and concepts that I have never heard of before, let alone consciously (or unconciously for that matter) experienced.One such idea that has jumped out at me as I have been researching becoming a more positive and confident person is the "Law of Attraction". The idea that by changing the way we think and things that we think about, with continuous repatition changes the reality around us.The idea that the Law of Attacttion
April 14, 2020
After a challenging few months I have picked up my pen and found my voice once again.In November last year my older brother passed away, a man who I have looked up to all my life. To say it was devastating does not even come close. Then January of this year I was quite ill with a blood clot on my lung (on the mend now). All this followed by the CORVID 19 outbreak and lock down in the UK.It made me realise how quickly life can change and gave me a renewed urgency to get back to business.In the l
Well knock me down with a feather....I have just had notification that my website (my first ever website) has been ranked in Google.Now I know that this to many of you is no big deal, to me however having never ever made a website before is what our american friends would call "AWESOME".I was just watching Jay's lesson on 'Keyword Research' and as I finished there it was...Congratulations....Your Site Has Been Ranked In Google... Wow.And another achivement badge here on WA as well.To say that I
I have just signed up to premium membership having done some research and had the free account for the week.Just started to build my first website with a photography niche as that has been my passion and hustle for almost 40 years.I have been inspired by some of the stories I have read on WA. And looking forward to making some new friends and connecting with great people.I came to WA totally by accident after someone sent me an email about a complete Affiliate Marketing opportunity and while lo