Thought I was a Gonner!

Last Update: April 08, 2016

Talk about apprehension. I woke up at my usual 4 am the other day, poured myself a coffee and headed to my retreat. ( That's what we call our garage). Sat down to my everyday ritual of a smoke and my WA emails.

Oh, No !!! I'm locked out of my WA account. Why didn't I go yearly? Well, probably for the same reason that I missed my monthly membership payment. Lack of funds. Now I'm really starting to despise this Oil Industry and the non-existent work nowadays. So what do I do now? I've been here in WA for just over 2 months and it has become a huge part of my life. I'm not only turtleing along at my courses, but I've become addicted to this Wonderful Community of ours. Honestly, I felt like I had just lost my family.

Now, I had to figure out where this money would come from to get back in the "club". My life-partner has begrudgingly taken up the responsibility for our finances, and I know WA is definetely not her priority. It's been a long pull this time without a lot of work and I'm running out of stuff to sell.

Aha !! I've got a couple of sons living back at home and they're still working, so now I just have to figure out how to ask one of them for help. So I thought and I thought and i thought how I was going to ask for this help. You see, I've supported my family for a great number of years but somehow, I must have been responsible for the price of oil being so low because if i wasn't, then why am I not working. Youngens, so much to learn eh'?

Well I came up with a plan. I just simply told the truth and asked for some cash. Of course it was a big deal, but after they were satisfied that they had made me out to be fool, they quite happily laughed and said, "Here you go Dad, we just etransfered you your fees, so pay up, dig in and start making some with this whatever it is you're doing". Man, I sure love those boys of mine.

I know this happened so fast, that no one would have even realized that I had gone missing, but I still wanted to share this experience with my Friends and Followers in our WA Community. Like they say, "You don't have to share blood to be a Family, You just have to be nice to one another and let Your relationships gain strength from there".

I'm glad to be back and I've learned a valuable lesson about how quickly the things and people you love can be taken away. So now I have made myself a promise, that I am done procrastinating and I will be working very hard on my courses and training, so that in time, my goals will be reached and I will never have experience those feelins of apprehension again.

Take care of yourselves !!


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DIAB Premium
Welcome back to WA. I wish you the best of luck.
George71 Premium
Glad to have you back Gary and it's a horrible feeling having to ask 'anyone' for money. You were very brave! ... keep us updated with your lessons and progress won't you?
garvalnay Premium
What great sons. All the best to you.
JudeP Premium
You obviously have a very caring family Gary. Good luck to you :)
LizHennessy Premium
Naw! Bless your family!