My Experience with Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: August 14, 2014

I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate now for just over one year and I love being a part of this community. WA has opened up a whole new world to me and I’m extremely appreciative. Like most everyone, early on I started out with my free website using Siterubix but it just wasn’t enough, I got hooked! I love learning anyway but I saw great possibilities every time I logged on to WA and I could tell that I had an aptitude for this kind of thing. Anyway, within the last year I started 5 websites… which is way too many. Looking back on things, I should have focused on 1 or maybe 2 websites, period. Its impossible to juggle all those sites effectively as all your efforts are being divided up into small bites. My advice is to stay focused on 1 or 2 things and you’ll be more effective. Also, if something isn’t working change BUT don’t give up! Keep on learning and you’ll find your groove.

Thanks to Jay and all of the great local marketing training! Because of his and others training I’ve been able to acquire a client locally. I’ve built this website from the ground up and am tweaking things constantly along with building citations so he ranks well. Out of necessity, I’ve learned a little HTML and CSS. I’m far from where I want to be but I’ve progressed a lot since July 2013 when I joined WA. I’m now just starting to work on a local marketing website as I slowly release some of the initial website ideas I had early on.

My thanks to WA for all the training and community. I’m convinced that WA provides us with a tremendous opportunity to change our circumstances in life by learning a new skill. A skill that can lead to fulfillment and monetary gain…

Thanks WA.

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Lev Premium
It's crazy all the different paths that present themselves once you open the WA door...almost like how deep does this rabbit hole go haha anyway I agree with honing your acquired skills into one maybe two niches and then scale those out. Obviously once you have a comfortable consistent income from that then by all means branch out.
hakemp001 Premium
I second that!!! Congratulations on your success!
Gary Sanders Premium
Thanks so much!
lisa970 Premium
You have a big heart,you been down before and now see nothing but glory-be blessed,crazy me i thought this was sunday
BIS Premium
Nice to hear your story of success Gary. Good luck in the coming year. :) Beverley