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December 15, 2015
I just renewed my annual subscription to Wealthy Affiliate during Black Friday weekend. What an amazing deal. I've been with WA for nearly 2.5 years and its one of the best things that has ever happened to me as its opened new doors of opportunity and enabled me to pursue some dreams I've always had. But 2016 is going to be different for me! I have new goals in place and I'm working on a plan to make that happen. I'm committed to success. Wanted to say "thanks" to WA and everyone who makes
November 28, 2014
This is no brainer! Upgraded today to yearly from my monthly membership. I'm saving "big time". I love Wealthy Affiliate! Very thankful that they opened up a whole new world of internet marketing and local marketing to me. Thanks Wealthy Affiliate!
September 23, 2014
We've all heard the saying its not how you start but how you finish... and its a "saying" because its true. Some people never attempt anything in life and so they don't have to worry about starting or finishing strong as they never do anything. However, most people in life can start strong. However, let them encounter one obstacle, one hiccup, or one speed bump in life and they throw in the towel and come up with some way to reason things out as to why they had to quit. How many members has
I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate now for just over one year and I love being a part of this community. WA has opened up a whole new world to me and I’m extremely appreciative. Like most everyone, early on I started out with my free website using Siterubix but it just wasn’t enough, I got hooked! I love learning anyway but I saw great possibilities every time I logged on to WA and I could tell that I had an aptitude for this kind of thing. Anyway, within the last year I started 5
I hate debt. Personal and/or business debt can be a major obstacle to anyone’s success. Debt holds you back, makes you a slave and can cause you to lose hope. Debt talks to you... well it has me. My debt used to tell me all kinds lies related to hopelessness and the like. I’m assuming that most people joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA) in order to change their lives for the good financially. Some would even admit that they envisioned themselves being millionaires with a successful online bu
November 29, 2013
Hello everyone by name is Gary Sanders. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! This Thanksgiving I’m giving thanks for a lot of things… and one is WA. Just to give you some background, I joined WA July 20, 2013 and have been working steadily (and very slowly) toward my goals. Things have been slow as I’m a full time student that works full time as well as a husband and dad of a 3.5 year old that wants/needs my attention (and play time). Anyway…at times I get frustrated because I ca