Honestly?Yes It Crossed My Mind...

Last Update: May 30, 2010

Times to times all this Internet Marketing stuff gets me very frustrated!I 've got tons of stuff to learn and i really can't find a decent word to describe how i am feeling in English!Let's say i feel overwhelmed....

What has crossed my mind?To QUIT!Ok not exactly to quit but sometimes i feel very disappointed.Because i am new to all this and it can be very irritating to do not know where to start from or what should i do next...

I know what you might say...If you see my posts in the forum or previous blog posts, you will see that i am the one of the people who is welcoming new members in the WA family and tell them not to be afraid and that they have made the right choice by joining the WA University.And i really DO MEAN IT!And generally i am a guy with a very positive thinking, full of joy and how my  WA buddy Maureen described me " i could easily sell ice cream to Alaska" :p

I got started from the Action Plan and it really is going great so far.And don't get me wrong!Honestly, Kyle and Carson and all the other members here, have done excellent work with all the resources,tools, the forum etc And be sure that i am going to be a WA member for a LONG TIME!!!!


I will find SUCCESS.I am going to ACHIEVE THE GOALS I HAVE SET!I BELIEVE IN MY SELF!But sometimes, i feel like a normal people who is afraid of failure.And just need some of my WA buddies who are in the same spot, to encourage me..I think this is NOT BAD, is it?

Just shared how i feel..Let's get back to WORK NOW(or LEARNING) ;)

Thanks for taking the time reading this


Your Greek buddy


ps I hope i didn't get to influence anybody in the bad way(quitting or something).The purpose of this blog post was to show even though from times to times i feel frustrated about IM,i will NEVER QUIT!And that i am going to MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE!Ok?



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Garage667 Premium
I want to thank you all for all the support you have been giving me the past 4 weeks!I wanna say it's very important to me, knowing that other people are in the same place like me.Of course i want all the members being successful.And it's a double joy for me seeing people already successful in the IM having the will to help the others that haven;t found the right path yet..But with all the help, i am certain that the rest of us-non successful YET- can do this!Thanks for all the encouraging words Christina, JatDeBaune,IFaith and Maureen!Means a lot to me!
maureenhannan Premium
Dimitris, There is nothing wrong at all with saying, "I'm afraid of failure." Aren't we all? I think the trick is just not to let discouragement take hold. And that is easy when you feel overwhelmed. Or maybe when you feel like, gee, everyone else gets this except me. To map out your plan and promise yourself you will commit to it--at least for a period of months.

And here's the thing. The internet is only going to become more and more important in all our lives. Even IF you do not succeed in the exact way you are hoping to with this program, the skills you learn will translate well into MANY different areas. You will learn to write better. You will learn to write sales copy. You will learn more about how search engines work. You will learn how to put a pretty good website together and how to get your ideas out there across the big wide Web.
Try to think of this as an education time--similar to maybe a year of college. Others may disagree with me, but I find that part of how I keep from feeling too overwhelmed is reminding myself over and over, This is a brand new field. I have much to learn, and I must not be too impatient to prove my success. Education is an investment--the only one that no one can ever take away from you. Even if I were not doing this program--if I were only looking at it from the perspective of a teacher (which I have been most of my adult life), I would say, this is worthwhile training to commit to. And believe me, I am a SNOB when it comes to training and education. The training on this site is not perfect, of course. No training is. And, if there is one big criticism I have so far, it is that the long delay between lessons means you have just enough opportunity to get thoroughly overwhelmed with all the other stuff you can poke around in.
That said, the big strength here is community. When I was teaching, the greatest challenge for me was always to create a sense of community in the classroom. To get people to share and build others up. WA has done that very, very well. And so ,while you invest in your own education in all of this, you get to ask what other people are doing and even to ask for encouragement when you need it. I'm rambling, but I guess what I want to say is, it's okay if this takes a little time and some trial and error. You are building valuable skills and getting opportunities to practice them among friends. And I do believe your sunny, energetic spirit already gives you an edge over most of the human race in whatever you attempt. :-)
iFaith Premium
"I will find SUCCESS. I am going to ACHIEVE THE GOALS I HAVE SET! I BELIEVE IN MY SELF!" - Dimitris *Repeat this mantra times and a million times to yourself! Your words - your intention, have power - even if you don't believe it at the time. If you're an athlete, take out your frustrations in sports. In a band - then rock on for an hour/s and use the music to kill your frustration. I kill weeds in my garden - or do an intense 15 - 30 minutes of exercise! All the while killing my frustration - and telling myself that I'm finding a way out of the moment's frustration and telling myself +self talk. Be creative and find a way to positively work through your frustrations/overwhelm or negative feeling of the moment and kill it. Chin up and march on!!!
jatdebeaune Premium
Hi Dimitris, I think if you didn't feel that way once in a while, you wouldn't be normal. I had a similar day today. Christina is right about it being fun. There are so many things to remember. I think you have to get it down to a few steps that you repeat over and over. Consistency seems to win in the long run.
cld111 Premium
Yes, I am with you! I still get frustrated and feel like quitting sometimes. I feel like a big ol' whiny baby saying "I can't do this! This is hard!" But, then I shake it off and realize it's not hard at all. It's actually pretty fun! And we are lucky to have such an opportunity. So, don't worry. We all go through it. Never quit!