Focus on what you CAN do - not what you CAN'T

Last Update: March 29, 2020

Lesson from an ostrich

From the human perspective, an ostrich is a strange looking bird - long powerful legs, a large body, long neck and a small head. It's from the family of flightless birds known as Struthionidae and is the world's largest bird.

What's interesting about the ostrich, is that most people know that the ostrich can't fly, and I know people who always feel a bit sorry for the '"poor old ostriches" because of this. And although I don't claim to be any kind of ostrich psychiatrist, I'm fairly certain that this is not the way the ostrich feels about it; because the ostrich only focuses on what it CAN do, without a thought to the things it CAN'T do. It doesn't feel sorry for itself because it can't fly, it doesn't envy those that can, it just gets on with the one thing it's good at - being an ostrich.

My point here, is that we could all learn something from this. We should all focus more on the things we CAN DO at this time, and spend very little time worrying or even thinking about the restrictions currently placed on us. That way, we will make the best of the situation and whatever life throws at us, without descending into a downward spiral of despair or self-pity. As they say, "when it rains, look for the rainbow".

So - what CAN you do at this time?

Since this is a WA blog, I've focused on things you can do here, but you could adapt this for life in general if you wan too. What I've come up with is quite a long list....

You CAN:

  1. Work on your online business here at WA
  2. Make sure you're gone through all the training, niche site and affiliate bootcamp
  3. Familiarise yourself with the Jaaxy research tool
  4. Search out useful affiliate programs
  5. Set up your social media accounts
  6. Make sure you've answered all your comments, adding links if appropriate
  7. Offer some comments to others to earn credits
  8. Write and ebook to offer as a freebie on your site
  9. Write an ebook to sell
  10. Update your email lists and send your contacts something positive or unexpected
  11. Contact your referrals and see if they need any help
  12. Write new content for your website
  13. Set up a business Facebook page
  14. Set up a YouTube channel
  15. Reconnect with your WA friends online
  16. Update your affiliate links
  17. Redesign your site to give it a fresh, new look
  18. Create a video for your YouTube channel
  19. Help other WA friends by answering their questions
  20. Watch all the weekly webinars from Jay
  21. Research a new niche
  22. Write a training article
  23. Redo the training - things change
  24. Help out in the live chat
  25. Set some new goals and and action plan to achieve them
  26. Research a new angle such as drop shipping or outsourcing
  27. Write a WA blog
  28. Read and comment on someone else's blog
  29. Analyse any marketing campaigns you have running
  30. Learn something new about coding, SEO or a technical issue

This is not an exhaustive list either....there will be plenty of other things you can do as well, I just wanted to give you a list to start with, in case you thought you were getting bored!!

So come on WA - make this time at home count for your future success!You know you can do it, so pick yourself up and get on with it!

On your marks, get set, GO!

Wishing you all a wonderful and productive day, as always.


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dcasa14 Premium
Great ideas for anytime not just because we are asked to stay home. Also, we should always have an attitude of "CAN" rather than "CAN'T" and apply the attitude to everything. Once, I had two cell phones that did not work. Took them to Verizon and they said they CANT fix them (water damage). I took them home and took parts from one and put them into the other and made one phone that worked. I am not a cell phone repair person, but I have a CAN attitude and found a way!
Sorry for the long response and taking over your post!
GailLowe Premium
Haha - no worries - I'll know where to come next time my phone isn't working!! :)
Interaction and discussion is not taking over my post anyway - I like it.
Have fun
Wdcope Premium
I loved the ostrich lesson. So many people have are becoming negative during this time, and yet it has given us a great opportunity in our online businesses. I think that this time will continue to increase online participation which of course gives us all more traffic if we do the right actions.
Take care,
GailLowe Premium
I agree Bill. It's time to explode our online businesses now.
All the best to you and yours.
Isaiah14 Premium
Excellent checklist 👍
Thanks Gail.
Isaiah 😊
GailLowe Premium
Glad you like it and thanks for reading. Gail
microtek Premium
Thanks, its a great motivation.....
GailLowe Premium
Great - that was the intention. Gail
AllenWill Premium
Great post!
Thanks Gail for the advice and encouragement.

Many blessings to you,
GailLowe Premium
You're welcome Allen. And to you.