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This week, our school has been involved in its annual 'Activities Week' where we suspend normal curriculum lessons and head for the great outdoors to enrich our students' experience of life with some good old-fashioned FUN!We've played laser-tag and driven mini-tanks.We've made clay models, wire models, designed our own T-shirts, and made plaster cast hand prints.We then made rafts and floated (mostly) out into the lake to rescue our peers, and completed a mud-ridden assault course, at least ha
Some of you will know that I've been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over 3 years now, and in that time, the things I've learned here have more than fulfilled my expectations when I started in October 2017. At that time I was struggling for money and like so many people, was looking for a way to increase my income and pull myself out of the financial mess that I had got myself into. I'm pleased to report that I have managed to do that, and I credit Wealthy Affiliate for helping me do that in
June 23, 2021
Here's an interesting fact...You cannot experience tomorrow today, as that would be impossible. You cannot re-experience yesterday today, as that has already gone.TODAY, you can only experience what is in the here and now - because NOW is all that really exists in our experience. We are forever experiencing the present moment by translating the myriad of information that is hitting us every second through our senses. However, instead of enjoying this moment, many of us choose to imagine (negati
Hello all you lovely Wealthy Affiliate friends (old ones and those I have yet to meet)How reassuring and lovely to connect with you all again after a little time away, for no other reason than I've been busy with work and getting through the last 18 months - like everyone I guess. I've continued to be a member all this time, although I haven't logged in that much. However, on logging in today, I'm very reassured to find the place as friendly and as familiar as always with some great advice and
Have you ever tried to walk forwards whilst looking backwards over your shoulder? It's quite hard isn't it? For one, you can't generally see where you are going, so you tend not to go in a particularly straight line. Secondly, it's hard to see the obstacles in front of you whilst looking backwards at the path you've walked on, so it's easier to fall over, potentially even hurting yourself. And thirdly, you're whole focus backwards means that as you move in the opposite direction to the way you
Many of you know that I now work as a teacher in a small independent school in the UK which caters for students who have been out of school for some time for a variety of reasons including anxiety, PTSD, learning difficulties and stress. Some of our students come to us having missed 2+ years of traditional education or have patchy attendance which has affected their progress. As such, many of them have poor self-esteem, and have been metaphorically 'written-off' by some of their previous educat
HOPE - what is it?Wikipedia defines hope as:"Hope is an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes..."I love having an optimistic mindset and I continually grateful that I have been blessed with this attribute. It has most certainly shaped my thinking about everything, which has in turn shaped my life for the better. That is not to say that I have lived a charmed or untainted life - far from it. I have had personal, family and financial disasters like pretty m
Hello lovely WAers!Just logged in to find that today is my third birthday here at WA, so I'm celebrating with my 165th post. Like many people here, my purpose for joining WA was to seek a more passive and definitely larger income, but I can honestly say that I have gained so much more than that from my time here. I have not been as active here in the last 18 months as I was in the beginning and that is mostly because I got a new job writing for a magazine, which I put down to things I learned h
What do you really need to succeed here at Wealthy Affiliate? Over a series of articles in the next few weeks, I've decided to look at a few things that I think you need to help you succeed here at WA. You can follow along with the series and see if you feel that you have these things, or whether there are traits and skills that you need to develop a little more. I'm doing this as much for myself, as for anyone reading this, as I want to get to writing some more blogs about WA which I can share
Hello again WA family. It's been a while since my last post, but that's OK. Just wanted to check in again with everyone with a simple thought for the day since I'm currently on a short break to the amazing Scottish Highlands and I am staying on the shores of Loch Ness. The phrase "Still waters run deep" is very apt when talking about this famous loch since its chilly, black waters run to a very deep 227m, so plenty of room to hide a few monsters!However, when applied to humans, the phrase is eq