Using my favorite freebie tool: seobook

Last Update: May 11, 2016

For those of you who are thinking about using an alternative to the Jaxxy offered here at WA, don't be fooled into believing you need to pay for good keyword research results! I've found a freebie tool that's become my very favorite to use and although it does offer an upgrade, the info I get with the freebie tool is plenty. Here's the scoop:

(1) go to (2) click on the grey, JOIN FREE button all the way at the top right corner of the page (3) fill in your email address and pick a username (I just used my name) and checkmark the little box to get some free goodies (4) a page will pop up that says "thank you for joining". THEN, all you do is (5) click on the blue "TOOLS" button, and a drop down menu will appear (6) under the "Public" list, choose "keyword tool". THEN (7) click the blue SEO button on the top bar, and again, choose "keyword tool". LAST BUT NOT LEAST you arrive at the Keyword Tool Page.

Put in your keyword or keyword phrase, making sure the 2 little boxes called "G Trends" and "More" are checked. CLICK blue "Submit" button and be prepared to be very happy with the results!

You'll find that it gives you a list of related terms people have searched for in your niche, how many monthly searches there are, and so much more!

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bamannisi Premium
thanks for this Gail. Just what I was looking for.
bill808 Premium
seobook gives you a list of key word searches and how many people a month are using the search phrase. It tells you nothing about the competition which is an important factor in selecting the keyword to use. SEOBook is helpful, but it will not help you choose the low hanging fruit. I'm sticking with Jaaxy.
GailKing1 Premium
No problem! I wasn't down on Jaaxy - so I hope you didn't misunderstand. We all have our fav's and I was just blogging on mine. There are LOTS of keyword tools to use that are free and worth a person's time...matter of fact, my newest blog post will list the best of them. Jaaxy is and always will be a great tool - to each his own, right? Thanks for replying! Have a blessed day.
Ecowarrior Premium
Thanks for advising us of this. I will try it out and see how I go. Cheers, Lisa